Fee Schedule for Mermaid and Mershark classes:

Beginner Class:

1- 60 min. session  $75.00

Open Water Class: 

1-60 min. session $15.00 (includes monofin and tail rental)

Punch Card Entry per Month:

10-60 min. sessions per month $75.00, this averages 2-60 min. classes per week. You receive a punch card with 10 tickets (includes monofin and tail rental)

Yearly Fee:

This will give you unlimited access to open water swimming. VIP access to any session of their choice at either pool. (Red Mountain Country Club or Skyline Aquatic Center). You will also get exclusive offers for mermaid accessories. Information on mermaid special events and parties.

$200.00 (this includes a monofin and tail free

A minimum 3 months membership is required. 

$75.00 per month.


These fees includes the following:

Mono fin and Tail rental

lifeguard, Lilly pads, relaxation mates,

open lane to exercise and play area.