Seadogs Swim Club

These are the rules in order to use the pool:



Our team is one of the lucky teams that get to still swim during this Covid-19. These rules must be followed, or you will need to leave the pool. Coach Janine is making sure that every swimmer is protected in every way. Remember while in the chlorinated pool your swimmer is 100% protected from the virus. It is dead in the water. Make sure you read and understand the rules of the pool….

  1. All swimmers are to be dressed and ready to go before they get to swim.
  2. Swimmers are not allowed to use the showers before or after practice.
  3. If a swimmer needs to use the restroom during practice, they must take a Clorox wipe and wipe down toilet, flush handle, and door and return to the coach to prove you used it. (coach will have a bag to put it in)
  4. No more than 5 swimmers per lane. 1:10 ratio per coach and coaches switch opposite sides of pool per 10.
  5. No parents allowed on deck unless they have a mask on. You may also wait in your car. No parents allowed in restrooms at any time during practice. You will get a weekly letter from Coach Janine with updates.
  6. Swimmers are to come in, put equipment bag in the pool to soak, put towel on chair, get in pool, swim then leave immediately. NO BAGS ALLOWED, equipment bag only and 1 towel to wrap and go.
  7. All coaching staff are to wear a mask during practice. No hugs, No high fives, just waves….

Coaching staff are to wipe down gate and gate key before and after practice. One Coach must wear gloves, mask, and take temp. of swimmers entering the gate. Only one coach is allowed, to use card reader to let swimmer in once cleared to swim. All equipment is to be wiped down before and after practice. Coach Janine will provide thermometers that are non-touch. Any swimmer who looks like they don’t feel good or have a cough or sneezing will need to go home. If we all work together, we will get through this.