Covid 19 updated rules of the pool for Red Mountain Ranch

Seadogs Swim Club



These rules must be followed, or you will need to leave the pool. Remember while in the chlorinated pool your swimmer is 99.9% protected from the virus. It is dead in the water. Make sure you read and understand the rules of the pool. This is for RED MOUNTAIN RANCH COUNTRY CLUB

  1. All swimmers are to be dressed and ready to go before they get to swim.
  2. Swimmers are not allowed to use the showers before or after practice.
  3. There is limited use of the bathroom during practice.
  4. No more than 5 swimmers per lane. 1:10 ratio per coach and coaches switch opposite sides of pool per 10.
  5. Parents must be 6 feet away of each other on the deck. You may also wait in your car. No parents allowed in restrooms at any time during practice. You will get a weekly letter from Coach Janine with updates.
  6. Swimmers are to come in, put equipment bag in the pool to soak, put towel on chair, get in pool, swim then leave immediately. NO BAGS ALLOWED, equipment bag only and 1 towel to wrap and go.
  7. If your swimmer has been sick or around someone who has been sick with a fever, they need to stay home for 72 hours.
  8. If a family member is sick with covid-19, we ask you to keep your swimmer home for 30 days.
  9. Each athlete will be asked how they are feeling each day before entering the pool area. No hugs, No high fives, just waves….

Coaching staff will wipe all equipment down before and after practice. Hand sanitizer will be supplied with masks and gloves for the coaching staff to use to wipe down all Seadogs Equipment.