Types of USA Swimming Memberships: 

Premium: ($80) The Premium Membership is required if (1) a swimmer is 13 years old or older at the time of registration, (2) a swimmer participates in more than 2 USA Swimming Meets during the current swimming year (September through August), and/or (3) a swimmer participates in a meet at or above the Southeastern Championship level.

Flex: ($30) The Flex Membership may be used if (1) a swimmer is 12 years old or younger at the time of registration. A swimmer can only participate in 2 USA Swimming sanctioned meets (summer league doesn't count) while on the Flex membership.  If a swimmer wants to participate in a third USA Swimming meet, that is OK; You will just need to upgrade to a Premium Membership by paying the difference between the two types. 

Outreach ($5) An Outreach Membership is for a swimmer who qualifies for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program or has a disability. If you are unsure if you qualify, see a coach for assistance. 

Non-Athlete Membership ($80): The regular non-athlete membership is required for coaches, officials, and certain board members. There are other requirements (such as APT training, etc) that may also be required for certain positions on our team.

Administrative Membership ($30)This membership is for some members of our board. Whether a board member requires a regular non-athlete membership or an Administrative membership depends on their role and duties.