Dear Parents,

We are glad that you are a member of the Barracuda Swim Club.  As a coaching staff we strive to provide the BEST experience for your children.  Hopefully, you are happy with your child's participation and enjoy sharing your satisfaction and your child's progress with your friends and acquaintances. 

However, we need to be careful not to let our enthusiasm become overt recruiting.  USA Swimming does not permit the "poaching" of swimmers already on another USA Swimming team. That means we cannot go out and actively solicit them to transfer to our team.  The easiest way to approach this is:  If they approach you (or a member of the coaching staff) with questions about our team, then we can provide information and feedback to them.  If they want to transfer to our club, we can explain the correct procedures to do so. As a parent, it would be great if you also directed them to a member of the coaching staff for any questions you feel we might be able to better answer.  If you initiate an invitation to switch teams, it becomes recruiting.  

Click HERE for a link to a document from Southeastern Swimming that further explains the parameters

We certainly hope that you want all your child's friends to join our team and get the same great experience that your child has!  Just be careful when dealing with families already involved with another USA Swimming team.  Any questions, ask a coach.