Welcome to the SWIM SHOP, where you will find information on team caps and suits, as well as other team apparel.  

If a swimmer wants to use a cap in a swim meet, a team cap is required. Any cap may be used in practice.  Swim caps come in 2 materials: Latex and Silicon.  The latex caps are less expensive and are a bit tighter; the silicon caps are a bit thicker and stretch a bit more.  Which type you wear is a matter of preference. Barracuda team caps are ordered in bulk by the team.  When a swimmer first joins the team, he/she receives a latex swim cap free.  After that, replacements are $3 each for latex and $10 each for silicon.  See your coach if you need a new one. Custom silicon cap orders with a swimmer's name on the side are usually placed a couple of times each year.  You can order them through Swim and Tri Swim Shop via this web address: http://www.swimandtri.com/Scripts/TeamView_BarracudaSwimClub.aspx

There are all kinds of suits, in many materials and for various prices.  At swim meets, swim shops are set up to sell suits as well as other swimming gear.  Some good bargains on practice suits can usually be found there. 
If you are looking for a good, long-lasting suit, the Endurance fabric suit by Speedo is very good.  It's a bit heavier than other suits, but can be used for both practice and meets and lasts a long time.  A lycra suit is usually the least expensive, but tends to wear out the fastest. More technically superior suits such as the Speedo Fastskin and LZR suits are all made of special fabrics designed to minimize drag through the water.  Swimmers competing at meets below the Southeastern level probably will not see a significant improvement using these high-end suits.

Our team swim shop is Swim And Tri, located in Knoxville, TN.  They will give us team discounts on items you purchase.  Team items are listed, along with their discounted prices, at http://www.swimandtri.com/Scripts/TeamView_BarracudaSwimClub.aspx.   If you prefer, you can call Swim And Tri at 1-877-794-6874.  Be sure to mention you are from BSC.

Just like suits, there are a lot of goggle styles on the market.  The most important feature of a pair of goggles is that it comfortably fits the face correctly.  Swim shops, as well as local stores carry goggles.

For members of our team who wear glasses, prescription goggles may be a beneficial choice.  Swimmers need to be able to see the pace clock and the coaches when training.  If a child's eyesight is such that seeing without glasses is difficult, it is highly recommended that prescription goggles be purchased and used.  There are many companies which produce prescription goggles, and these can be found via a Google search on the web.  One company which produces good quality, affordable prescription goggles is View Swimming.  Their website is www.viewswimming.com ; Their number is 800-482-2282.  You will need to know the child's diopter sizes for each eye.

For the Blue group, we try to have the equipment that they need available at the pool.  However, if they want their "own" kickboard, that would be OK.
For the Silver Group: Kickboard, Pull Bouy, Fins (flexible rubber), Snorkel, and an equipment bag to keep the stuff in is recommended.
For the PreSenior and Senior Groups: Kickboard, Pull Bouy, Fins (flexible rubber), Snorkel , Paddles (Strokemaker - ask coach about the appropriate size), and an equipment bag to keep the stuff in is recommended.
If ordering the equipment all at once from Swim And Tri Swim Shop, there is an "Equipment Bundle" option that can save you some money.