Coaches will post videos that they feel swimmers can benefit from viewing. Some may also have comments and/or note sheets provided. Enjoy!

Men's 400 IM Finals - 2021 US Olympic Trials I found it very instructive that on the breaststroke leg Chase Kalisz uses his extension and power in his stroke to take the lead. Note that the swimmer he passes actually has a faster tempo! 

Freestyle Breakdown Video   Download & Print out the Freestyle Notes HERE

Backstroke Breakdown Video    Download and print the Backstroke Notes HERE

Butterfly Breakdown Video     Download and print the Butterfly Notes HERE

Breaststroke Breakdown Video   Download and print the Breaststroke Notes HERE
Breaststroke in-depth review from coaches' clinic
After you watch the above video, which shows examples from age group swimmers, compare it to this video of world record holder Adam Peaty
     Adam Peaty loop underwater, slow motion

The First Dolphin Kick Off the Wall

Tumble-Pop Turn (Note: The first 8:00 is intro of the speaker)
Short Tumble-Pop Video

Backstroke to Breaststroke Crossover turn video  progression
And one more Backstroke to Breaststroke Crossover turn video More of an analysis of the turn

Forward Start 
More on the Forward Start
High Kick Forward Start
Backstroke Starts with Gary Hall, SR

Hollow Body Core Strength Position
Hollow Body Rock Exercise