Birmingham Swim League: Registration Process

There are several steps to take before your swimmer can officially join Birmingham Swim League.  Please use the following guide to expedite the registration process:

  1. **FIRST** Contact our Team Administrators at [email protected]
    • When contacting our Team Administrators, please provide information concerning your athlete’s age, current or previous experience level, and previous teams if applicable.
  2. ​Schedule an assessment with our Team Administrators
    • ​​Assessments are held regularly. After contacting our Team Administrator, you may schedule a date and time for the assessment. 
  3. Show up to the assessment with suit and goggles ready to swim.
    • The evaluation will take approximately 5-15 minutes and will require your swimmer to get into the water. 
    • A coach will be on deck to evaluate your swimmer’s current skill set and provide general information on the team as well as  the group/program that is most appropriate for your swimmer(s)
  4. Follow-Up with our Team Administrator
    • ​​ After your swimmer(s) assessment, register online with BSL at  BSL will handle further registration with USA Swimming once your registration is completed and all fees are paid.
    • ATTENTION……No athlete will be allowed in the water after their evaluation date without having officially registered online first.
  5. ​Attend your first practice
    • ​​Your swimmer’s group practice schedule is available on
    • Within your swimmer’s first few practices, they will receive a new swimmer packet containing printed team information, gear, and promotional items.
    • Further questions can be addressed at [email protected]

A breakdown of our registration fees, monthly fees, and additional policies can be found with our Fees & Policies