2021-22 BSL Short Course Meet Schedule    
Date Meet Location Recommended Groups
Sept 18-19 BSL Sprint Into Fall Birmingham, AL ALL BSL Groups
Oct 9-10 Coast Aquatics Invite Destin, FL ALL BSL Groups
Nov 5-7 BSL Cranberry Classic Invitational Birmingham, AL ALL BSL Groups
Dec 3-4 AHSAA State Championship TBD AHSAA State Qualifiers
Dec 8-11 Speedo Winter Junior Championship TBD Qualifiers ONLY
Jan 8-9 BSL Southern Invite Birmingham, AL ALL BSL Groups
Jan 14-16 HSA P/F Meet Huntsville, AL SRE ONLY
Feb 5-6 Region 3 Championship Birmingham, AL ALL BSL Groups
Feb 25-27 SES Championships Huntsville, AL Qualifiers ONLY
Mar 4-6 AUB Classic - P/F Auburn, AL Non-SES Champ Swimmers
Mar 15-19 NCSA Junior National Championship Orlando, FL Qualifiers ONLY

All meets and schedule are subject to change based on availability and COVID-19 guidelines