Things to remember to bring with you to a meet:

  1. BSL team swim suit
  2. BSL team swim cap
  3. Goggles
  4. Parka
  5. Clothes to stay warm between swims
  6. 2 towels (or more)
  7. Old blanket or sleeping bag
  8. Quiet games or books
  9. Food — you may want to bring a nutritious snack
  10. Logbook and Pen — for recording official times
  11. Permanent Marker — to write Event/Heat/Lane on skin
  12. Money for heet sheets

Most swim meets have concessions on the site for lunch and sometimes breakfast. Some outdoor meets have shaded areas and some do not. Dress comfortably; most outdoor swim facilities do not have indoor areas to allow you to escape the heat and some indoor facilities can be humid. Check with parents who have previously attended a meet in a certain area and they will be able to describe the facilities for you.