Coming to practices is just one aspect of a quality training regime. Its important that parents and swimmers understand the important role that good nutrition, exercise, and recovery play in a swimmer’s health. The section below includes a variety of articles across each of these topics as well as links to other sites with more detailed information to help parents fuel their swimmers for training and competition.


Athlete Guidelines
Eating Breakfast
Athlete's Plate
Optimal Nutrition Basics
Benefits of Nut and Seeds
Proper Hydration
Reading Food Labels
Dietary Fat & Cholesterol
Top Food Mistakes Made
H2O Performance Enhancer
Sports Drinks
Sports Nutrition Products
Recovery Nutrition
The Best Carbohydrates


Recovery Tips
Physical Maintenance for Mobility
Staying Healthy
Shoulder Prehab
Hip Prehab
Knee Prehab
How Swimming Affects the Brain


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