• Auto-pay Credit Card in your Team Unify account is the preferred method of payment for team fees after registration processing.
  • Meet Entry fees are non-refundable once submitted to the host team.
  • Coaches' fee will be added: $15/swimmer ($30 max per family) for a 2 day meet or $18/swimmer (max $36) for a 3 day/prelims-finals meet will be added to your account.  This fee will not be charged if the swimmer is absent from the meet.
  • Monthly dues (applied Sept-Feb) are paid in advance via credit card in your personal CSA account.
  • Charges to credit cards are administered on the first of each month. This will include meet fees, team dues, cap and shirt orders.
  • Accounts with balances not paid by the 5th of the month are charged a $20 late fee.
  • Any swimmer withdrawing from the team should give at least 2 weeks notice to the administrator .  Generally, refunds are not offered other than for significant illness or injury after the initial 2 week period.
  • Fee schedule is posted here.


CSA coaches, swimmers, and families will comply with the following:

  • Swimmers and coaches will comply with the rules and regulations set by USA swimming with regard to the use and/or possession of banned substances.
  • Swimmers, Coaches, and Parents will treat the Cullman Wellness and Aquatics Center (CWAC) and its staff with respect and will adhere to facility rules.
  • Swimmers, Coaches, and Parents will refrain from inappropriate behavior that would diminish the positive image of CSA Blue Crush or hamper the goals of the team.
  • Swimmers, Coaches, and Parents will be courteous and demonstrate sportsmanship toward coaches, teammates, parents, competitors, and officials at the CWAC and away meets.

By Registering with CSA Blue Crush you are agreeing to comply with the team's Code of Conduct.  Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to:

  • verbal reprimand/parent conference
  • time-out on deck (swimmers)
  • immediate dismissal from practice or meet
  • dismissal from team

Parents, if you have a concern related to practice, swimmer behavior, etc, that is worth discussing, please go directly to the coach on deck after practice.  The coaches can help you figure out how to best address your observations.  Sometimes what you think you see or hear is not what is actually going on.  Also, promptly discussing the matter gives the coaches the benefit of having some idea of what you are referring to.