Welcome to HSA.  This area of the site is made for parents and swimmers that are both new to the club, or are just interested in possibly joining.  The information below is designed to start you down the path of understanding what it means to have a child that is a swimmer and what it means to be a swim parent.  We want this to be a good reference point for you to go to when you have questions, but realize that the best source of information will always be our more experienced parents and our coaching staff.  At no time should you hesitate in asking questions.  The office phone number is 256-270-9255, and the office hours for each coach are listed on the coaches page.  You will also be able to find each of the coaches' e-mails on that page as well.

The first place to start is with our New Parent Power Point Presentation.  We update this each year, and will have a New Parent Meeting each Fall for all parents that are interested.  Board Members and the Head Coach present the information and hold a Q & A session.

Another great place to start is reviewing some information that is included below.

Visit the HSA website.  There is a ton of information in each of the pages, but a few are particularly important.  First, is how each of our groups are structured.  Second, is when do those groups typically practice during the school yearDo those groups practice at all during the summer?  Third, is how much do those groups cost?

Hopefully this starts you down the road to HSA membership with enough knowledge to feel comfortable.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.  We look forward to working with you and your swimmer!


HSA was started in 1958 as the Rocket City Aquatic Club.  In 1974, the club’s name was changed to the Huntsville Swim Association.  Since 1958, HSA has produced two Olympians and countless athletes that have competed on the international, national and collegiate level.  Former and current HSA swimmers also hold 15 relay and individual LSC records.  Along with individual accomplishments, HSA has won the LSC championship numerous times and finished within the top 3 at National Level meets.  For forty years HSA has proven itself over and over again as the top program in Northern Alabama, the State of Alabama, and the South. 


HSA is a member of the Southeastern Swimming “Local Swim Committee,” which is a local governing body for USA Swimming.  The team participates in USA Swimming meets ranging in ability level from novice to international, and offers meets locally, regionally, and nationally.  HSA also hosts 3-6 meets per year.  In all of our meets, swimmers compete against other swimmers of similar age and ability level.  The HSA coaching staff enters swimmers in meets that are in the best interest of each swimmer’s development.  Our meet schedule can be found at www.swimhsa.org. 


Fitness                                  Confidence

Technique Work                    Sportsmanship

Making New Friends             Goal Setting

Learning Team Building        Self-Discipline

Coordination                         Problem-Solving


HSA practices year round at the Brahan Springs Natatorium located at 2213 Drake Ave just west of Memorial Parkway and seasonally at the Redstone Aquatics Center located at Building 3705 on Aerobee Rd, Redstone Stone Arsenal 35898.  The Brahan Springs Natatorium is run by the City of Huntsville Park and Recreation Department while the Redstone Aquatics Center is operated by the Redstone MWR.  HSA’s practice times can be found at our website.  The schedule is subject to change. 


HSA is a non-profit, parent-owned organization governed by a Board of Directors. The board of directors represent the association and work in conjunction with the coaching staff to maintain the high quality of swimming that is offered by HSA. The club employs a head coach who is responsible for managing day-to-day operations and leading the swim program and coaching staff. Member involvement is an integral part of the association. Parents and members support the association through a variety of committees and organized volunteer activities.


HSA believes that participating in a variety of sports and activities at an early age is critical to the development of both the child and the athlete.  Because of this, we offer a flexible schedule for our introductory groups in order to accommodate other activities.  The team feels very strongly that our swimmers are able to find a healthy balance that allows them to experience it all. 


NO.  Elite swimmers are the result of the knowledgeable and consistent technique and training regimen imparted by our coaching staff.  HSA has a long history of being the standard bearer for swimming in North Alabama and Alabama in general.  This legacy has been created by swimmers starting at the beginning novice level of swimming and working their way to the elite stages by moving through the HSA program.  This progression is reliant on the stroke and technique development of HSA’s early groups building a foundation for success for the more advanced training groups.


First, look around here on our website.  You will find information about the club’s past, present, and future.  You can also find information on our fee structure, practice schedule, meet schedule, news, and more.  Next, talk to an HSA parent!  Members currently involved in the program are the most useful and informative resource about our program.  Third, contact a current member of the coaching staff.  Their contact information is listed under the "coaches" button and they would be glad to walk you through any questions you might have about the program.


All groups run by HSA are limited to ensure a proper coach to swimmer ratio. Those wishing to join HSA for swimming should contact Head Coach Matt Webber by email [email protected] to set up an evaluation appointment.