Welcome to HSA's Honey Baked Ham fundraiser!  This year Honey Baked Ham has gone ONLINE - isn't that awesome and convenient!.  

Please use this link to order your gift cards:  
20% of your order will go toward your fundraising goal. You place your order online and the card will be shipped directly to you from Honey Baked Ham.  To ensure delivery for Christmas, cards must be ordered by  December 1st.  However, you can order gift cards through  December 31st.  We will re-open the fundraiser mid January for spring orders. 
To get started, simple sent the link above to your friends and family and they can order directly from the site.  At the checkout page there is a header that says "donation credit", simply have the purchaser fill in your swimmer's name to get credit for the sale. 
If you have any questions, please email Melanie at  melanie.strankman@gmail.com.
So let's get started!