Group Placement

All groups run by HSA are limited to ensure a proper coach to swimmer/diver ratio.  Those wishing to join HSA should contact Coach Matt Webber by email at [email protected] to set up an evaluation appointment.  The team also offers an Open House/Evaluation Day in late July for all new swimmers.  Times and dates for this will be available on the website in early July.  

Do I Need To Be An Athlete To Join?

No.  Elite swimmers are the result of the knowledgeable and consistent technique and training regimen imposed by our coaching staff. 

HSA has a long history of being the standard bearer for swimming in North Alabama and Alabama in general.  This legacy has been created by swimmers starting at the beginning novice level of swimming and working their way to the elite stages by moving through the HSA program.  This progression is reliant on the stroke and technique development of HSA's early groups building a foundation for success for the more advanced training groups. .

HSA Swimmers Do Other Sports and Activities

HSA believes that participating in a variety of sports and activities at an early age is critical to the development of both the child and the athlete.  Because of this, we offer a flexible schedule for our introductory groups in order to accommodate other activities.  The team feels very strongly that our swimmers are able to find a healthy balance that allows them to experience it all.