Special Note: All chaperones must be non-athlete members of USA Swimming and have gone through the non-athlete background check.

HSA Guidelines and Procedures for Coaches and Chaperones
Revised April 28, 2010

As with all HSA activities, the goal of parents, coaches, and volunteers is to make the activity as positive an experience for the athletes involved as possible.  With this in mind, the HSA coaching staff and board of directors has put these guidelines in place for the interaction between all athletes and adult supervisors during team functions.

1.         All adult supervisors should abide by the code of conduct set forth for the trip and the team. 

2.         All adult supervisors should work to create an environment in which each athlete is maintaining the code of conduct.

3.         Appropriate steps should be taken to ensure the proper interaction between adult supervisors and athletes, which shall include

            a.         More than one volunteer/ coach/ parent chaperone must attend each trip.

            b.         Whenever possible, adult supervisors will interact with athletes with more than one present.

c.         If privacy is needed, conversations shall take place in view of other adult supervisors.

4.         Accommodations provided for by the team will not include athletes staying in the same room with adult supervisors, unless they are the adult supervisor’s children. 


I have read, understand, and pledge to uphold the HSA Guidelines for Parents, Volunteers, and Coaches.



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