We are a USA Swim Club

All of our members belong to USA Swimming, and this includes swimmers, coaches, officials and volunteers.

Benefits include:

  • The opportunity to participate on a team in your area
  • The chance to swim in events
  • A yearly subscription to Splash magazine - both online and sent to your home
  • Access to our extensive database of times for you and your friends
  • Access to volumes of education content, tips and tutorials
  • Access to motivational programs such as Scholastic All-America, age group Top 10, Club Excellence and more! 
  • Excess Accident Medical insurance for USA Swimming members who may suffer injuries while participating in insured activities like practices and meets. A description of the insurance coverage and limits of liability and insured activities is available at www.usaswimming.org/insurance. If you have any questions please contact the Director of Risk Management at 719.866.3464.

USA Swimming Home Page

Our LSC: Southeastern Swimming

Benefits of Membership to USA Swimming Booklet

USA Swimming Programs and Services Brochure

USA Swimming Rules & Regulations Book

USA Swimming Transfer Form for competitive swimmers coming from another USA team.