Fees: Prices listed are per swimmer

 Traning Group  JAX Annual Registration Fee*  Monthly Fee**
 Bronze I $45.00 $70.00
 Bronze II $45.00 $70.00
 Silver I  $45.00 $85.00
 Silver II $45.00 $100.00
 Gold $45.00 $115.00
 Seniors $45.00 $130.00

*USA Swimming membership is also required for all JAX participants. USA Swimming Membership options for competitive team members:

Flex Athlete - Only allowed for swimmers ages 12 and under. This option will not appear if your swimmer is age 13 and up. Limited to two (2) USA meets per year. $30, expires December 31, 2023. 

Premium Athlete - Required for competitive team members ages 13 and up. Also needed for competitive team members ages 12 and under who want to participate in more than two (2) USA meets per year. JAX Swim School participants who are ages 13 and up may also register as Premium Athletes to save money with this annual membership option. $80, expires December 31, 2023. 

Individual Season Athlete membership is NOT recommended for competitive team members because it is only valid for 150 days. 

**A 5% discount on monthly fees is applied to each additional swimmer a family may have on the team. The swimmer in the highest training group is charged at full price.


Registration and Payment: Online registration and payment required prior to participation. Click HERE to start the registration process. Valid USA Swimming membership is also required. 


Contact: Please call 731-300-6478 or email the [email protected] with any questions or to set up an evaluation for group placement.



University of Memphis Lambuth Campus Parking Fee:

  • All cars parked on the campus are required to display a parking permit.
  • These must be purchased each semester: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Tell the office it’s for the Jackson Swim Team program for a reduced rate ($32).
  • Link to Campus Map showing where to buy parking permits


Please review the Jackson Swim Team Policy Handbook for payment information and annual fundraiser requirement.