~WOO HOO! You are ready for Your First Swim Meet!!~

The day has finally arrived! This is exactly what you and your coaches have been working so hard to prepare for! Attending a swim meet can be very exciting but can also cause a bit of anxiety for anyone- swimmers and parents alike! Here are some tips to prepare you for a GREAT first meet!

Suggestions on What to Bring:

  • Swim suit!
  • 2 pairs of goggles
  • 2 team swim caps
  • 2 towels
  • Permanent markers for marking event/heat/lane/stroke on arms for races (this info. will be available at the meet on the "heat sheet").
  • Reusable water bottle/sport drink/fruit juice and nutritious snacks. (Some favorites are: fruit and veggies, crackers, rice cakes, peanuts/peanut butter, cereal bars, muffins, yogurt)
  • Money to purchase a heat sheet/ additional snacks at the venue
  • Warm-up clothes to put over your swim suit between races 
  • Other helpful items include extra towels/ bag chairs and/or stadium chairs for seating (may be needed for swimmer and parent)
  • You can always ask the coach for more info. on the particular venue
  • Energy, excitement, and team spirit!

At the meet: 

  • Before the weekend of the meet, the coach will announce the warm-up time assigned to our team.  Arrive at least 15 minutes before your our team's scheduled warm-up time so your child is on deck and ready to swim at the appointed time. 
  • Encourage your child to stay with the coach and to ask the coach when/if there’s a good time to visit you in the stands. Most competition pools are set-up with the spectator seating above the pool for parents. Per USA Swimming rules/regulations, parents are not allowed on the pool deck, unless you are a coach, official, timer, or other volunteer personnel, and credentialed to be on the pool deck. This is for athlete safety, pool liability, and a great reason for parents to become involved in the club and volunteer for meets or officiating.
  • When you arrive at the swim meet, there is typically no cost of admission, but there are usually heat sheets available for purchase. This heat sheet is vital in determining when and in what races your child will be swimming.  Look inside for your child's Event numbers, Heat numbers, and Lane numbers

You can mark this information on your swimmer's arm.  Here's an example:  



  • There are a lot of rules swimmers need to follow during their races at swim meets. Coaches work hard to equip the swimmers with the knowledge and training they need to succeed, but DO NOT get discouraged if(when!) your swimmer is disqualified in an event. It happens!! It has happened to the best of them! Even after swimmers have been at it for years.  Parents and swimmers are encouraged to visit with the coach about any disqualifications so they can learn from the experience. Participating in meets and even getting disqualified can really help swimmers understand more fully what coaches are trying to teach them during practice. 

Parent/Guardian’s Role:

As the parent/guardian of a competitive swimmer, your biggest responsibility is to provide a caring and supportive environment for your athlete! This support will encourage your child to feel good about his or her interest in competitive swimming. Don't worry the skills and the speed will develop over time! Show your support by insuring your swimmer’s attendance at practices and swim meets.

Parents/guardians contribute greatly to the success experienced by the swimmer and his or her team. Parents/guardians serve as role models since children frequently emulate their attitudes. Strive to be a positive role model and look for ways to support your team! Most importantly, model good sportsmanship at all times toward swimmers, coaches, officials, and other teams.



You survived your first swim meet!!