We participate primarily in USA swim meets in the Southeastern region. Our coaches determine the team's meet schedule each season and it will be posted here. 


Wondering which swim meets you should attend or which events you should swim?...


Participating in meets is an essential and FUN part of competitive swimming! It encourages swimmers to set goals, monitor their progress, learn good sportsmanship, and strive for their personal best! Swim meets are also a great time to build friendships and team camaraderie. 

Bronze and Silver I Swimmers:

All swimmers are encouraged to try swim meets! Your coach will let you know when you're ready and will help you decide which events are within your stamina and skill level. See the tab called "First Meet-What to Expect" to learn more about how to prepare for your first meet. Bronze and Silver I swimmers are eligible to participate  in up to 2 meets. For those swimmers begging for more, you can upgrade their USA Swimming membership to unlimited meets. Talk to your coach or email [email protected] to learn more.

Silver II Swimmers:

At this level you should compete in swim meets often. Swimmers in this group should discuss which events to enter with their coaches and train hard to prepare for each new competition. 

Gold and Senior Swimmers:

Gold and Senior swimmers should compete in swim meets monthly (or as available), setting goals to achieve qualifying times for championship meets. Swimmers in this group will take greater responsibilty in deciding which events are best for them.  Stay aware of current time standards for your age group to stay motivated.

High school age swimmers may have the opportunity to represent their school and swim in a High School State Championship meet, but it does require qualifying times. It is hosted by the Tennessee Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (TISCA) and usually takes place in February. Here's a LINK to their website to learn more.

Upcoming Swim Meets