Which swim meets should I attend? Which events should I swim?

Participating in meets encourages swimmers to set goals, monitor their progress, learn good sportsmanship, and strive for their personal best! Swim meets are also a great time to build friendships and team camaraderie. 

Mako and Hammerhead Swimmers: All swimmers are encouraged to try swim meets. For meets, swimmers should sign up for events that are within their skill and stamina level. Ask swimmers's coaches for recommendations if you're not sure which events fit them best.

Tigershark Swimmers:  These swimmers should compete in swim meets often. Swimmers at this level should be talking with their coaches about which events they'll compete in at meets. 

Thresher and Senior Swimmers: These swimmers should compete in swim meets monthly and attend Championship Meets that they acheive qualifying standards for. Swimmers in this group will work with their coaches to pick events for meets and begin taking greater responsibilty for their events as they learn more about the sport. 

Upcoming Swim Meets