JAX Swim Meet Policies and Procedures 

To allow for your planning purposes, the Head Coach will post, on JAX's website, the meet schedule once it has been set for each season.  Swimmers must be in active status and the account in good financial standing to enter swim meets.

For each meet of the season: 

Each meet will be entered electronically through the JAX website. Please make sure you either attend or decline each meet offered.  This will ensure that our coaches have all information about swimmer's attendance at meets.   

  1. Log-in to the jaxswimteam.com

  2. Go to the “Meet Calendar” page.

  3. Click on the “Attend/Decline” button for the appropriate meet.

  4. Click on the swimmer’s name.

  5. At the “Declaration” prompt, choose “Yes, please sign (swimmer name) up for this event.” The event list will appear.

  6. Choose the events by checking the box to the left of the “Best Time” column.

  7. When you are finished click the “Save changes” box.   Your entries are not submitted until this is selected.

  8. Repeat for additional swimmers.

  9. If you are declining the meet, please select "No……"  and "save changes".  Your declaration is not submitted unless you select "save changes".


  • Meet entries will be approved (or modified) by your Coach.  For certain meets, your group’s coach will select the events for your swimmer.  The coach will determine those meets and relay the information to your swimmer.  Check your entries after the deadline to see your approved events.   

  • Entries received after the stated deadline will incur a $20 late fee. To enter a meet after the deadline, contact your Coach.  Any entries received after the deadline are subject to the host team's approval.  JAX coaches will contact the host team to determine if space is available.  

  • Swimmers that choose to participate in any meet are expected to swim the maximum number of events allowed.  

  • Swimmers are not allowed to enter meets outside of the JAX meet schedule without the permission of the Head Coach.

Meet Entry Fees Policy:

Meet Entry Fees Policy: Meet entry fees vary from meet to meet. Meet fees will be calculated based on a per event fee from the host team plus a per swimmer surcharge which includes the portion of the host teams fees, JAX coaches’ fees, surcharges, facility fees, relays, etc. The fees for each meet will be posted on the meet calendar page.  Entries received after the swimmer deadline will be assessed a $20 late entry fee.  Once submitted to the host team, meets fees are non-refundable.  Meet fees will be invoiced a couple of days after the meet entry deadline and will be included in the next scheduled auto draft.

JAX Meet Rules:


  1. BE ON TIME! This means being ready to enter the water at the assigned warm-up time.  

  2. Buy or print a heat sheet and review your events for heat and lane placement. Be sure to bring your suit and JAX cap to each meet.

  3. Pay attention to the flow of the meet and make certain that the swimmer reports to the Clerk of Course (8 and under swimmers at certain meets) or to the starting block area as soon as the “1st Call” for their event is announced.  

  4. Prior to each of their events, swimmers should check in with their Coach.  

  5. Upon completion of each event, if no scoreboard time is visible, the swimmer should politely ask the timer in their lane for their time and report it to their Coach.

  6. After each swim, check in with your Coach to review the last swim.  

  7. Remember to be courteous. Your behavior not only reflects on you, but on your entire team.  

  8. Before you leave the pool:

    • Check in with your Coach – verify you are not needed for a relay!  

    • Clean up your area.  

    • Make sure you have all your belongings.


  1. Parents must remain in the spectator area and are never allowed on the pool deck, unless they are volunteering.  This is a USA Swimming rule.  

  2. Never approach an official or the computer area at a meet. All communications regarding issues like missed events, DQ’s and questionable times must be addressed by the attending coach.  While the coaches are on the deck at meets, as stated above, parents are not allowed on the pool deck.  Please do not approach the coaches on the pool deck.  Your swimmer can relay any concerns to the coaches while attending meets.   

  3. At the beginning of each season, the Head Coach will hold a meeting with eligible swimmers and their families to determine if there is interest in attending meets above the Southeastern LSC Championship level.  If there is interest, a written plan for attending these meets must be submitted to the Board for approval.  This plan must include a list of swimmers attending, financial details, JAX practice coverage plans and the name of the confirmed chaperone(s).  All chaperones must have a valid background check on file with USA swimming.

  4. There must be an adult chaperone at every team travel meet.   This may only be the assigned coach.  If the number of swimmers demand a parent chaperones, that chaperone is  responsible for their costs associated with the travel meet.  All chaperones must have a valid background check on file with USA swimming.   

  5. Coaches may NOT transport swimmers to and from meets without Board AND swimmer's parent/guardian approval.   

  6. Parents, remember that the meets are your opportunity to praise your child. Your child’s coach will discuss their swim when they check in after each race.  The JAX philosophy is to try and make meets as fun and rewarding for your swimmer as possible. You are there for hugs! Focus on the positive.