Personal Best / Biggest Losers: Tullahoma Meet


Wow! What a swim meet at Tullahoma . I wasn’t even there and am getting goose bumps on how well everyone swam!

Here is the re-cap!

First, congrats to all of you new swimmers and on establishing times for yourself. Now you that you have the feel-for-the-water, the next meet will be a breeze and your times are “going-down-baby”!

New Swimmers: Jacob Bonkoski, Lauren Brashear, Eli Canup, Ethan Canup, Caleb Caple, Claire Cheatham, Abby Davies, Megan Davies, Emerald Gilbert, Lake Gilbert, Taylor Gilbert, Alicia Ketzler, Riley Malone, William Miller, Kailea Moseley, Makena Moseley, Zach Nash, Stephanie Shoults, & Alexa Weaver.

Next, congrats to all of the swimmers that made a Southeastern Qualifying Time AND broke a MSA Record Board Time!



SES Time:

MSA Record Board:

Vicky Burrrows

13-14 Girls 100 Fly

Yes – 1:04.30

Vicky Burrows

13-14 Girls 100 Back

Yes – 103.76

Phil Deaton

13-14 Boys 50 Free

Yes – 24.38

Phil Deaton

13-14 Boys 100 Back

Yes – 58.50

Phil Deaton

13-14 Boys 100 Breast

Yes – 1:13.68*

*needed a 1:13.69 for SES… cutting it close Phil!

Phil Deaton

13-14 Boys 100 Fly

Yes – 59.44

Zach Harting

9-10 Boys 50 Free

Yes – 28.82

Yes! Bye, Bye George… 29.27

Zach Harting

9-10 Boys 50 Fly

Yes – 31.93

Zach Harting

9-10 Boys 50 Back

Yes – 35.75

Zach Harting

9-10 Boys 50 Breast

Yes – 42.91

Zach Harting

9-10 Boys 500 Free

Yes – 6:19.12

Yes! Zach, you beat your own record! 6:26.41

Russel Johnson

15-16 Boys 50 Free

Yes – 23.85

Russel Johnson

15-16 Boys 100 Back

Yes – 58.35

Kai Pham

9-10 Boys 50 Free

Yes – 31.53

Kai Pham

9-10 Boys 100 Fly

Yes – 1:28.47

Derek Santiago

9-10 Boys 100 Breast

Yes – 1:35.46

Derek Santiago

9-10 Boys 200 IM

Yes – 2:57.03

George Wong

15-16 Boys 50 Free

Yes – 22.95

George, you’re close to Ben’s record… 22.22

George Wong

15-16 Boys 100 Breast

Yes – 1:03.72

George Wong

15-16 Boys 200 IM

Yes – 2:03.06

Again, Wow! So many of you are so close to SES times and I’m sure will get them next time.

I have a new title; I am calling it The MSA “Biggest Loser”! The rule is find the one swimmer who/whom lost the most time in one event. I could tally up all of the times everyone drops, but frankly, I just don’t have it in me… I’ll just stick to the one event thing for now…

So, The Tullahoma MSA Biggest Loser is… (drum roll please)… Derek Santiago in the 100 Breast!

Derek’s old time was 2:07.93; New Time is 1:35.46 = total time shaved/lost of 32.47!

I just want to know Derek & Zach, what did you eat for breakfast?! Biggest Loser and 5 Southeastern Qualifying times!
I also wanted to let you know that Derek Santiago swam in an unattached meet on Sept. 29 – 30th in
Birmingham and picked-up four SES times in the 9-10 50 Back, 50 Fly, 50 Free and 50 Breast! Way to go Derek!

I will work on an internet “tally board” for all of the swimmers that make SES times and our website guru, H.P. can post it on the website.

Speaking of the website… have you checked it out lately? NICE WORK H.P.!

We did add a new tab named “Time Standards” and you can find the times needed to qualify for a SES event or check out the Motivational times provided by USA Swimming

For now, Congrats again and Hoover, here we come!

Cheri D. Sander