Greetings All,

My name is Pete Naldoza and I am the current Officials Chair for MTAC. I am providing some general information about becoming a swim official for you to peruse. If this sparks your interest, I'll be happy to answer any questions. Feel free to email me

If you want to officiate, plan on getting wet. In return, you'll get a front row seat to all action and you’ll also be working with some of the greatest volunteers in any sport.   Our team relies on volunteers and it is people like you who make our team the best in the area.  

To become an official, you'll need to register with USA Swimming as a non-athlete. MTAC will reimburse your fee after successful completion of your training. (The registration form is here.) Because of the times we live in, you will need to provide information for a background check and also view a video. I will provide details for those who are genuinely interested on an individual basis. 

You'll also take an open book test - yes, open book test - via the USA swim website. You’ll need a rule book, but I’ll get you one – don’t sweat this detail please. Here's a link to the officiating on-line test (make sure you take the Stroke & Turn/Timer test):


Also, you must attend a Stroke & Turn clinic before you are fully certified (these are not held often but if we get in a crunch, we can let our head official in the area know of our training needs). PLEASE TAKE THE TEST PRIOR TO ATTENDING A CLINIC. You will be more familiar with what is being discussed. 

In the meantime, you will need proper attire: white polo shirt and khaki bottoms – slacks, shorts, skirt; white tennis shoes. Not the white tennis shoes that you do yard work in - please.

Since you are volunteering your time, MTAC gives volunteer credit hours for every meet you work - every meet! Home meets – 5 hours; Away meets – 2 hours; High School and Middle School Meets- 2 hours PER SESSION!!!!