Here is a list of permanent Thunder volunteer positions.  At the bottom of this page you will find other ways to earn your required number of service units during Thunder hosted swim meets.  If you'd like to fill one of the open positions contact one of the Thunder Board members.  Links to some of the committee members can be found by clicking on their name.  Please note there is a financial penalty of $30 per unfulfilled unit due on September 1 of each year OR upon permanently leaving the team.

Service Requirements:
Families with children in all Thunder groups will be required to accumulate service units during the swim season (September through August).  Service units are required as follows for swimmers in the following groups:
Spark – 10 units
Bolt – 15 units
Blast, Rumble, High School, Performance and High Performance – 20 units

Maximum units per family are 25 with the exception of Spark group.  If ALL swimmers in a family are in Spark group, the maximum is 10 units per year

Thunder Permanent Volunteer Jobs (requires at least one full season commitment)

o   Board Member (25 units):   Janice Compton, Tricia Davis, Pete Naldoza, Dan Schultz, Amy McCoy

o   Swimmer Recognition Chair (10 units):  

o   Social Committee Chair (20 units): 

o   Officials Chair (20 units):  Pete Naldoza

o   Tech Team Chair (25 units): 

o   Clerk of Course/Meet Director (25 units):   Diana Harviel/Tricia Davis

o   Volunteer Committee Chair (25 units):  Amy Mccoy

o   Service Units Chair (20 units):  Radiant Sickler 

o   Assistant Treasurer (25 units):

o   Hospitality Chairperson (25 units):  Kristen Boles

o   MTAC Meet Concessions Chair (25 units):   Monique Rottink

o   Awards Chair (25 units):  Melanie Roman 



Other ways to earn units:

o   Concession/Hospitality Donations:  See Handbook

o   Officials:  See Handbook

 Working a session at a meet: typically 1 hour of service = 1 credit/point

o   Timers – use a stopwatch to time swimmers in each lane.

o   Runners – Collect timer's sheets after each event.  Also, post results in designated places after each event.

o   Concessions – work in the concession stand selling food.

o   Awards – help label, organize and distribute ribbons and awards for each team.

o   Clean up – collect trash from grounds throughout the meet, responsible for keeping trash containers emptied, bathrooms picked up, etc.

o   Hospitality – work in the hospitality area serving/preparing food for the coaches and officials.

o   Announcer – announce the upcoming events and other information over the PA system.

o   Meet Marshall - enforce pool safety measures.

Ad Sales:  1 unit of credit for each $25 in ad sales (example $50 ad = 2 units)