MTYS Age Group Program 

Sailfish – The first step in the MTYS Age Group program is the Sailfish. MTYS’ Age group program seeks to build off the foundation of the Developmental Program and start emphasizing competitive success. The coaching staff will continue a steady emphasis of proper stroke technique while developing an excellent aerobic training base. Dryland exercises will build off of those in the Developmental Program and will be focused on core strength, flexibility, and injury prevention. Goal setting is increased, focusing on planning for an entire season. Athletes are encouraged to be self-reliant and taking responsibility for more aspects of their training and competition. 

Requirements for Entry into Sailfish

  • 1x200 IM on 4:00 (SCY)

  • 6x100 Free Swim on 1:50 (SCY)

  • 10x50 Free Kick on 1:10 (SCY)


Practices are offered 6 days/week. Swimmers should attend 4-5 practices per week to see proper progression


Recommended 9 to 12 yr olds

Swim Meet Participation

Short Course: 4 meet minimum, End of Season Meet (Regions or Southeasterns) Expected!

Long Course: 2 meet minimum, swimmers are expected to attend Southeasterns if qualified

Goals for advancement

Show an enthusiasm for training and racing in all strokes and distances 

Show a positive attitude and demonstrate pride in working hard and being a good teammate 

Show growth in trying and developing new training and racing strategies 

Achieve Requirements for Entry into Pre-Senior Group 



Pre-Senior – This is a competitive training group designed to prepare the swimmers for Senior level training and for regional level competition. The emphasis will be to continue to reinforce the skills taught in the previous groups. Continued aerobic development will be stressed, and anaerobic training will be introduced. Dry-land activities will involve strength exercises that focus on injury prevention, as well as develop endurance and overall muscle tone. 

Requirements for Entry into Pre-Senior

  • 10x100 Freestyle Swim on 1:35 (SCY)

  • 4x200 IM Swim on 3:40

  • 10x50 Flutter Kick w/ Board @1:00


Practices are offered 6 days/week. In order to achieve maximum progress, swimmers are encouraged to attend 5-6 practices each week


Recommended 11-14 yr olds

Swim Meet Participation

Swimmers are expected to attend all meets recommended by their coach

Goals for advancement

Demonstrate an ability to maintain a positive attitude and focus throughout workout 

Understand how attitude and actions affect teammates and the group 

Demonstrate consistent practice habits (5-6 practices per week) 

Demonstrate a commitment to attend all meets as recommended by their coach 

Demonstrate goal setting skills 

Demonstrate motivation to train and compete in all strokes and distances at a high level 

Demonstrate an ability to balance academics and athletics and show excellence in both