MTYS is fortunate to have a group of passionate and talented families, and we depend on your support to successfully operate our program.


To offset operating costs and to keep monthly dues reasonable, MTYS applies a yearly fundraising commitment for each family. For each new swim year that amount is $150 per family (not per swimmer).   

You're encouraged to take advantage of our fundraising events to more easily meet your obligation. The following opportunities have been scheduled and more events will be announced throughout the year. 

  • Meet Sponsorships or Donations  Cash donations raised for the team are tax deductible as MTYS is a 501©3 organization.
  • Tiger 500 Auction (During Banquet)  All items donated to the auction will receive credit for their fair market value.
  • Kroger Cards  Many families can meet at least half of their commitment by linking their Kroger card to MTYS.  Friends and family members can link their cards to MTYS on your behalf.
  • Amazon Smile  

If you can't meet your $150 commitment by May 31, the remaining balance will be charged to your account on June 1st.  We understand special circumstances arise and this is not meant to be a burden to any family.