Types of Swim Meets

At swim meets, swimmers are usually grouped by age and ability level. A swimmer’s age on the first day of the meet will determine the age group in which they will compete for the entire meet. Within each age group there are different motivational time standards (C, B, BB, A, AA, AAA, AAAA) and Southeastern Championships Qualifying Times established by USA Swimming. Some meets will require that a swimmer has a designated time standard to compete.

MSS Meets: Mid South Swimming- These meets are developmental meets for swimmers who are new to competing with MTYS and want to get some more racing and meet experience. These meets are generally only a couple hours long, and happen about once a month.

YMCA Closed Meet: Competition that is only available to YMCA swim teams.

USA Meets (Local vs Travel): These meets generally do not have qualifying time standards. Most of these meets offer each one of the competitive strokes in two or more distances. Each swimmer is generally allowed to enter 3-5 events per day, over the course of the 2 or 3 day meet.
In town meets happen in an around Memphis, and can be as far away as Tupelo, MS. Travel meets are out of town, typically at a city in our LSC like Nashville, Knoxville or Huntsville. 

LSC Regional Championship Meets: The Regional Championship Meets are scheduled in 4 different regions in our LSC (Local Swimming Committee). We are a part of Region 1. There are no qualifying standards to compete in this championship meet. MTYS expects and encourages all swimmers to attend either Regionals or Southeasterns as their spring championship meet. 

Qualifying Meet: These meets have some form of qualifying time standard that a swimmer must have swum in order to compete. These meets could be an in town or travel meet. All of the following championship meets require a qualifying time:  

LSC Championship Meet: Southeastern Swimming, our LSC (Local Swimming Committee), holds two championship meets per year – one at the end of the short course season and another at the end of the long course season. SES sets their own time standards for these meets each year. 2021-2022 Short Course Southeastern Championships - February 25th-27th

Zone Championship Meet: Competition for swimmers representing the LSCs in each of the four USA Swimming Zones – Eastern, Central, Southern, and Western. Swimmers are selected using criteria set up by each individual LSC.

YMCA Nationals: Competition for YMCA teams ONLY.  Swimmers must meet qualifying time standards, compete in 3 YMCA closed meets, and a YMCA regional championship meet during the season to be eligible.

Junior National Championships: Limited to swimmers 18 & under who have not competed at NCAAs, Senior Nationals, Olympic or World Championship trials. USA Swimming sets the qualifying time standards to compete.

Senior National Championships: Other than the Olympic Trials or World Championship Trials, this is the highest level of competition for swimmers in the United States. Anyone who swims the qualifying time standard, regardless of age, may swim at this competition. Time standards are set by USA Swimming.

World Championships or Olympic Trials: Time standards to compete are set by USA Swimming and the team selection is based on the results of trials.