Swim Meet Fees Primer

If your swimmer chooses to compete in swim meets, there additional costs above and beyond the MTYS tuition that you pay every month for your swimmer to train. Every swim meet has different charges all of which are included in the Swim Meet Invitation required at every USA Swimming sanctioned meet. Below are the fees you can expect:

Entry Fees: are charged on a per-event basis.  They range from $6.00 to $10.00 depending up who is hosting the meet.  Most teams also charge more for late entries so it’s important to get your entries in on time to avoid paying more than necessary.  There are separate charges for relay entries which range from $10.00 to $14.00 and this cost is divided by 4 (because there are 4 swimmers on each relay team).

LSC Surcharges: are levied by the local swimming committee that sanctions the event. We are members of Southeastern Swimming LSC and most of the meets we attend are also hosted by other teams in the Southeastern LSC.  Southeastern Swimming charges $3.00 per swimmer at each swim meet your swimmer attends.  Other LSCs may differ and if your swimmer ever competes outside of Southeastern Swimming, you will want to find out what the surcharge is by checking the meet invitation before registering your swimmer.

Facility Fees: are charged on a per-swimmer basis and, again, vary based upon the host team.  These fees are also listed in the meet invitation.  The range from $10.00 to $20.00 and again, this is a one-time charge per meet.  This helps cover the cost of facility rentals and maintenance which are incurred by the host team when they have a swim meet.
*Facility fees and surcharges may be combined for billing purposes.


You can find the meet invitation for any meet that MTYS hosts or attends on our website. 

  • Click the “Meets and Events” tab and then click on any swim meet to find the Invitation for that event. MTYS can only upload them once they are made available by the host team, but they should definitely be available to you in advance of the meet entry deadline.  You can also find meet invitations on the host team’s website.

Here is a sample of what a parent would pay at a meet in which their swimmer participated in 6 individual events ($6/event) and 2 relays ($10.00/team):

  • $6.00 x 6 individual entries = $36.00
  • $10.00/4 = $2.50 x 2 relays = $5.00
  • $3.00 for SES Surcharge = $3.00
  • $12.00 Facility Fee (includes downloadable heat sheet) = $12.00
  • So the swim meet fees would total $56.00