November Swimmers of the Month!

Kelsey Mcdonald


10&under: Harry Taylor

Here’s what Coach Bakari has to say about Harry: “It has been a lot of fun watching Harry improve meet after meet this year. I remember when I first started coaching him, he would not attempt a dive off the block, and now he is flying off of it! For as young as he is, it is incredible to see him pay attention to the important details, and he does a great job receiving and implementing the feedback that he is given. Not only is a great swimmer, but he is also a fantastic teammate. He is friendly with anyone that approaches him, and is always bringing a fun energy at practices and meets.  I’m very proud of Harry’s performance so far this season, and I can only see him getting better.”

11&over: Hannah Carpenter

Coach Bakari: “One of my highlights for this season, so far, was having the privilege of watching Hannah swim her first mile at the Arkansas meet. For someone her age, to just finish the race is a huge accomplishment. However, she absolutely CRUSHED it, and rightfully so because she has worked so hard this season. People are so amazed at how fast Hannah is, but if only they could see the work that she puts in to do so. Both in and out of the water, she has an extreme focus in her training, and is always putting her best effort forward. Also, she is always encouraging her teammates to be their best. You will always see her cheering her teammates on at meets or trying to motivate everyone in practice when we have tough sets. She knows when it is time to have fun and when it is time to get serious, but even in the serious moments, she is enjoying herself and being with her teammates.”