To be the premiere swim club in the Southeastern LSC and ranked as one of top 50 swim programs in the United States, as recognized by our USA Swimming Gold Medal Club ranking. 


Mission Statement

Memphis Tiger YMCA Swimming will promote an inclusive, safe and positive environment for swimmers of all abilities to develop to their fullest potential; as swimmers, teammates and well-rounded members of society

Guiding Values

MTYS develops every swimmer to their fullest potential. MTS empowers and equips our coaches to fully develop their swimmers. MTYS encourages parents to use their individual talents and passion to support the team’s activities.

MTYS operates in an environment where mutual respect exists among coaches, swimmers and swim families. This respect is extended to those with whom we share facility space, those against whom we compete, and all those with whom we come into contact in the swimming community.

MTYS honors effort regardless of outcome. While the nature of the sport is to emphasize speed, endurance, and skill, MTYS also recognizes the value that goal setting and hard work holds for our athletes; both in the pool and in their daily lives.

  MTYS celebrates all aspects of diversity that exist on our team. We recognize diverse organizations are stronger and more dynamic, and we want MTYS to reflect the diversity of our community.


 MTYS is committed to fostering a culture that embraces all USA Swimming and YMCA policies and guidelines created to make our athletes feel welcome, safe and supported, including USA Swimming’s Safe Sport program and  YMCA’s Fair Play program.

  The coaches, swimmers, and families which comprise MTYS are united behind the team’s vision, mission, and philosophy. We display teamwork, sportsmanship and enthusiastic support for one another. The values are embraced by and embodied in our membership through the course of all team activities.