How does registration work?
Online registration opens after July 15th returning swimmers.    You will fill out or review/revise all the necessary registration information as well as pay online. Although registration continues through most of the year, we encourage early registration, which assures a spot on the team and gives us an opportunity to better prepare the swimmers for the Short Course Season.

How do new swimmers register?  New swimmers should contact a coach in the location they wish to swim.  After a brief swimming evaluation, the coach will recommend a group placement.  New swimmer registrations open the last week of July.  Click on Team Registration on the website.

What is Short Course and Long Course?
Short course is competition in a 25 yard or 25 meter pool.  The season runs from August through the Southeastern Swimming (SES) Championship meet usually held in February.   Long course is competition in a 50 meter pool.  The long course season culminates in July with the SES LC Championship meet.  

What is SES?
SES or Southeastern Swimming is our Local Swim Committee and consists of teams throughout Tennessee, Alabama, and the north panhandle of Florida.  For more information on SES see

Where and when are the swim meets and does my child have to attend each of them?
In an effort to keep costs down, we try to offer as many local meets as possible.  Travel meets are typically within a two to three hour drive.  Meets are mostly held sessions on Saturday and Sunday with different events held each day.  You do not have to attend all meets or even all sessions; however, we encourage all swimmers to complete the IMX Challange each year and recognize those swimmers who attend at least six meets or more during the year.

What is the cancellation policy on swim meets?  
Once you register for a meet and the entries have been sent, your entry fees are non-refundable, regardless if you would have to miss the meet.

I missed the deadline for entering a meet. Can my child still attend?
The Host Club sets a deadline for entries.  Our deadline is always a few days before the deadline to give coaches time to review and approve your selected entries.  Once the deadline has passed, you will not be able to sign up for the meet. 

I heard there were deck entries.  Can my child deck enter a swim meet?
No.  Some meet host’s allow deck entries; however, we will not deck enter swimmers when we attend meets because it is not appropriate or fair for a coach to have to leave the warm-up to deck enter a swimmer who failed to sign up by the deadline.  Exceptions may be made for those swimmers already entered into the meet and who are trying to add an event to make a qualifying cut for another meet.

What happens if we are late to a warm-up?  
Your swimmer will be placed in the warm-up when they arrive late; however, when our warm-up time is over they must exit the pool with all other swimmers.  No additional time will be allotted to late swimmers.  

What is the policy regarding resigning from the club?  
If you resign from the club we expect you to speak to your coach to let them know you are leaving.  Then you must let the club administrator know you are leaving.  You will be responsible for any outstanding dues and fees plus a cancellation fee equal to the cost of your monthly dues. MTSC reserves the right to ask for a payment on demand of unpaid dues and fees.

Future Questions will be answered upon being Asked!