Because we are a not-for-profit corporation, we rely on family fundraising to meet our budget demands through the year.   Each family is required to provide fundraising dollars in the amount of $300.  This fee can be bought out at registration or you can participate in any of the fundraising opportunities listed below. 
Each year we offer a USA Swimming Swim-A-Thon.  Swimmers create their own swimmers page and can tell family and friends about their swim team experience and what it means to them.  Frends and family can then log in to see their page and make a donation of their choice which is placed directly into your account and goes towards your fundraising obligation.  
By clicking on "Invest in our Success" below, you will find a letter that you can send to  anyone;, ie  your hairdresser, your doctor or orthodontist, or just a business you frequent.  This has been a tremendously successful program for the High School Programs 
Sign up with Shop with Scrip and make your purchases. With every purchase through Ship with Scrip, a percentage of the purchase from vendors comes right back to your account in the form of fundraised dollars!

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