Because we are a not-for-profit corporation, we rely on family fundraising to meet our budget demands throughout the year.   Each family is required to provide fundraising dollars in the amount of $325.  This fee can be bought out at registration or you can participate in any of the fundraising opportunities listed below. 
By clicking on "Invest in our Success" below, you will find a letter that you can send to anyone, ie your hairdresser, your doctor or orthodontist, or just a business you frequent.  This has been tremendously successful for the high School Programs which whom we affiliate.
Raise Right We are asking families to either select eGiftCards or Ship to Self for giftcards (rather than physical gift cards shipped to JFFC) . The app and desktop functions are both super easy to use and set up! Here's more information:  Raise funds simply by shopping gift cards from 750+ brands to use on your everyday purchases. With gift cards from RaiseRight, you automatically earn 2-20%. No extra money spent. No extra time wasted. No selling needed. It's that easy.
Fundraising Calendar:  Click on the *new* branded fundraising calendar for MTSC. You've probably seen these on social media, but it's an easy way to ask for small dollar sponsorship to quickly meet your fundraising goals. Simply ask friends/family to sponsor a day (or multiple days) - 10 = $10, 23 = $23, etc. Once a day is covered you can update the image to mark is "taken" on the calendar. Day sponsors can give you cash or venmo you their gift. You collect all money and then make your fundraising contribution to MTSC. This calendar can earn $465 total! 
When we have someone come forward and volunteer to run our Swim-A-Thon, we can utilize this option for fundraising.

Raise Right  New user enrollment code: L426BC4F26971

Invest in our Success

Fundraising Calendar