Middle Tennessee Swim Club Lessons

Swim lessons saves lives!  Register here for lessons in Lebanon.  In Hendersonville, contact Sea Star Swim School at www.swimatseastar.com.

MTSC coach Erin is proud to offer swim lessons in Lebanon for ages 18 months and up as well as pre-swim team training for swimmers age five and up. Beginners of all ages learn to be comfortable with warm, 88 degree water in their faces.  They learn to submerge, roll over and float on thier back.  She offers a gentle approach to water adjustment that we have learned, leads to a love of and and respect for the water.  This approach makes learning strokes so much easier and fun for the swimmer.  Lessons are eight-30 minute private $200, semi-private (for two swimmers) $160 each, or in groups of three $120 or four $110.  

Pre-swim team classes are designed for ages five and up. These lessons teach basic skills in all four strokes for competitive swimming.  Register now or E-mail Erin at [email protected] or Cindy at [email protected] or leave a brief message @ 615-686-3116. Visit us on Facebook at Erin Sawyer Swim Lessons!  For lessons in Hendersonville, contact Sea Star Swim School at 615-822-8800 or on line at www.swimatseastar.com.