Volunteer Service Hours/Units

Every family is expected to volunteer six service units ($25 per service unit) to the club to assist with swim meets or other team functions throughout the year.  You will find jobs by clicking on the Job Signup tab when you go to a team event where we are the host.  Each job will be worth two (2) or more units.  When asking for dollar donations, $25 will equal one (1) unit.  So as you can see, your time is valuable and we cannot run meets or other team functions without you!  

If you opted out of service hours and paid at registration, your obligation is complete.  If not, it will be important for you to click the job sign-up button next to the team events that we sponsor and sign up to complete your service, whether it be working, or providing dollars needed to supply the event. If you just want to donate money to help run the event, you can sign up for as many slots as you wish, at $25 per slot, and your account will be invoiced.