Meet entry fees are separate from your monthly dues. Meet fees will be charged to the card on file after the entry deadline. Remember once the entry deadline has passed you are required to pay the entry fees even if the child does not attend the meet. Host clubs do not refund the money for meet entries for any reason.

Swim Meet Prep


  • Crash area: The team generally tries to sit together at the swim meets. Depending on the meet location, there is limited room to sit in the pool viewing area, so crash areas are provided. The crash area is located in the gym across the hall from the pool at Baylor. Announcements are always made so you know when to send your swimmer to the pool area.


  • The coaches like to speak with the kids before and after each swim, so please send them in time to see coach first. There will not be ‘deck parents’ from our team rounding the kids up. It is the responsibility of the parent and child to get the child to the coaches on the pool deck. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck at any poolplease do not enter any pool deck area. The kids will learn to get to the blocks by themselves with the help of the coaches at first. They must pay attention to what is going on and learn to take responsibility for themselves.


  • The 8 & under swimmers are usually sent to a bullpen area, and a volunteer from the host team will get them to their lane. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck. It is very important to mark your child’s arm or leg with event, heat and lane assignments. (see below for example)


  • Items recommended to have at the meets:
    • Chairs to sit in at the crash area
    • Extra towels, warm clothes or a blanket for your swimmer (Keep your swimmer warm)
    • Sharpie markers
    • Healthy snacks and plenty of water (Please try to avoid chips, salty foods, and cokes)
    • Team suit, swim cap, & goggles (Team cap is required)
    • Cash for a heat sheet (usually $10-$15) Heat sheets will either be available online or sold at the meet. If the heat sheet is emailed out, please print it and bring it with you
    • Baylor heat sheet will also be viewable/printable online as part of the facility fee closer to the meet


  • There is no charge for spectators to view the meet, just your entry fees which are due before the meet. Meet fees will vary depending on the number of events your child swims and fees decided by host team. SETS will charge the credit card on file after the entry deadline. Once submitted, the entries can’t be changed. The host team does not refund payment for any reason once the entries are submitted.


  • Most of the meets will have a  concession stand to buy snacks & drinks; however, choices can be limited which is why we recommend bringing your own food (see above). In the event, you forget goggles (or they break), many swim meets have vendors that sell goggles and other essential items, such as caps & suits. There are usually meet t-shirts for sale, with the specific meet logo & information, that many of our swimmers enjoy purchasing as a keepsake.


  • Meet Mobile is a great app to follow the meet.


  • Please mark your child’s first and last name on their right shoulder. This will help the volunteers get them to their races. Also, mark their events on their arm or leg using the example below.


Example on how to write events on the arm or leg: E = event, H = heat and L = lane. Please include the description of event (50 back, 100 free, etc.). The kids need to know what they are swimming.




                 E            H            L

50 back     3            2            8

50 free     11            5            3