How do I register for classes?

    First, please be sure you are registering from the Swim Lessons Registration page, and not the home page for Prime Aquatics.

When registering your swimmers, please do so as though ordering multiple services in a shopping cart.  Register the first child in their class and go through all the steps. Then, you will add the second child and proceed the same way.  After you have gone through the process for all your children, then you will pay for the classes. It is recommended to do this on a computer or a tablet with a browser. Please don't hesitate to email if you have any issues.  You should receive a confirmation email when you have successfully completed the registration process.




Why does it say the location is Green Meadow Country Club when I'm trying to sign up for National Fitness Center?

   Green Meadow Country Club is our default location, so all our classes will have that listed as the location. To be sure you're signing up for the correct class, you'll have to follow the schedule as it's posted on the website to make sure you're at the right location.  Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 4:00-5:30 are at National Fitness Center.




Am I allowed to use the facilites at NFC while my child swims?

     Only NFC members are allowed to use the facilities during your child's swim lessons. We are permitted to use the lockers for changing, but the rest of the facilities are for members only, to include the therapy pool, other fitness equipment or lap lanes, or even the showers. Please respect this policy.


When and how am I billed for classes?

    We automatically withdraw payment from the credit card on file on the first of each month.  



Can I write a check for lessons?

    No, all our registration is handled online, therefore must be paid with a card on file



Is there a sibling discount?

    Yes, we offer a 10% discount for siblings.


Are classes prorated if I sign up after the 1st?

    Yes, classes are prorated if swimmers are registered after the 1st.  We do not, however, prorate for canceling classes in the middle of the month.


How much are classes?

    Preschool through Level 2, classes are $68/month

    Levels 3 and 4, and the combination class, are $75/month

    Level 5 is $82/month


Why did the fees change?

    We originally set up our program to bill per lesson, so every month we had to count how many days/lessons in that month and bill accordingly.  For example, if there were 4 Mondays in a month, that class would be $60 for level 1, but if there were 5 lessons, that class would be $75.  Changing the billing to a per-month fee eliminates having to change registration fees every month


Can I sign up in the middle of the season?

    Yes, registration is ongoing. If you register in the middle of a month, your fees will be prorated for the rest of that month.


What if I need to stop lessons?

    Please email [email protected] by the 27th of the month that you would like to cancel lessons for the next month or rest of the season, to allow time for the administration to make the adjustment before the end of the month (ex: email by October 27th, to cancel for November). We do not prorate lessons for canceling during that billing month. If you fail to email before the next billing cycle, we do not offer refunds, but instead can offer a credit for future classes


When and how does my child advance to the next level?

    Children advance at their own pace, therefore when the child reaches the milestones for the next level, the instructor will recommend moving them up. Once the instructor makes this recommendation, parents should email [email protected] to notify the administration who will take care of moving the swimmer. DO NOT go online and register the child for the next level or you will be overcharged.


Do you teach ISR (Infant Swimming)?

    No, we do not offer ISR at this time.


Do you offer private lessons?

    Yes, please visit our website here for more information    


Will your lessons prepare my child for competitive swimming?

    Our lesson curriculum is designed to teach every child as though they want to swim competitively, even though we realize not all children do. Upper level skills like breaststroke, butterfly, starts, and turns can be very technical and challenging to learn, but we strive to teach them in a way that prevents bad habits and poor form, which could lead to ongoing physical issues in the future.


Why don’t you teach group lessons in the summer?

    Prime Aquatics has a partnership with Green Meadow Country Club to use/manage the pool. During the summer months, there are too many other groups using the facilities to also allow for group lessons.


What’s the difference between the homeschool classes and other classes?

    We no longer offer a different class structure between homeschool and after school classes. We offer our same quality structured curriculum to all students, just at different times in the afternoons.


Where are you located?

    Green Meadow Country Club at 1700 Louisville Rd., Alcoa, TN 37701


What do I need to bring to class?

    Goggles and a towel


Can I stay and watch my swimmer?

    Yes, parents are always welcome to observe on the pool deck.


Do parents need to get in the water with their swimmers?

    No, this isn’t necessary, and sometimes leads to complications during instruction. However, it is up to the instructor’s discretion. Parents are always welcome to observe from the pool deck.


Are there locker room/changing room facilities?

    Yes, as part of the U.S SafeSport and Minor Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP), we have separate locker rooms for adults and teens/youth. If you need to accompany your child to the locker room, for changing or bathroom facilities, please use the adult locker rooms. We also have a large family restroom available.