USA Swimming and Safe Sport have created  MAAPP 2.0 (Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy). It is similar to the previous MAAPP, but includes some new verbiage on things like : close-in age exceptions, 'applicable adults', electronic communication, and massages. One significant change is that they have provided written consent forms that will be required for certain scenarios...(permission slips).


The MAAPP goes into affect September 1, 2021 and Prime Aquatics will be in compliance with all MAAPP 2.0 guidelines.


Prime Aquatics - Family Acknowledgement of MAAPP- signed yearly


if interested, USA Swimming has some recordings to watch that covers the document changes ~ 1 hour each.



Written Consent forms to be used as needed.

Carpool - yearly (only required if carpool is one on one with non-family adult and minor athlete)

Lodging (for adult athelete with minor athlete. Other non-family applicable adults are never allowed one on one for lodging-- see close-in-age description in MAAP for more info)

Travel to competitions (if minor athelete must travel to competition with non-family applicable adult)

Licensed Massage Therapist

See page for more consent forms



Online Courses/Resources: