Family Fundraising for the 2021-2022 Season

Unlike most year-round swim teams, we do not require families to fundraise. However, program fees do not cover all of the expenses of operating our own facility and offering excellent coaching.  In addition to keeping swimmer fees at a reasonable level, we are committed to developing a new facility for our program as well as for local middle school and high school teams. Families are encouraged but not required to participate in the following fundraising opportunities.

Fundraising Option that has a direct benefit to you as well as the team:

  • Securing a business sponsorship: 20% of the total amount of the sponsorship will be credited to your individual account.  There is no limit on the number of sponsorships that a family may obtain.

Fundraising Options that directly benefit the team in order to pay team expenses and keep swimmer fees reasonably priced:

  1. Be involved on a committee, secure a business sponsorship, or volunteer on the actual race day for the Goggled Gobbler 5K race to be held at Green Meadow Country Club on Thanksgiving Day.  Funds raised will help us to pay facility costs for operating the structure at Green Meadow Country Club pool.
  2. Make or solicit a tax deductible donation to our non-profit 501(c)3 organization
  3. Link your Kroger card to Prime Aquatics, as we participate in Kroger Community Rewards Program
  4. Make purchases through AmazonSmile which will make a direct contribution of 0.5% of purchases toward our facility
  5. Purchase your swim merchandise through our team page on  8% of total purchases comes back to our team.

More information about all of our voluntary fundraising options can be found under the “Support & Giving” tab on our website.  We always welcome other fundraising ideas from our members, so please share!