2022-2023 Prime Aquatics Group Fees



Welcome to Prime Aquatics, a year-round competitive swim team which serves the Blount County and greater Knoxville areas. We accept new swimmers throughout the year and encourage you to become part of our team. It is our goal to offer age specific training for all of our athletes in order to challenge and develop each individual to the best of their abilities.


2022-2023 Fee Structure:


Annual Fee

(if paid at once)

Monthly Rate

(9 payments)            

Gold Group



($1,782 annual total)

Junior Group (11-14)



($2,322 annual total)

Senior Group



($2,772 annual total)



    Monthly Rate

(12 payments)

10 & Under Flex Program

(2 days per week: M& W or T&Th)






Online Registration and Account Management:

We offer online registration and electronic payment processing. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You will have access to your own account that will enable you to sign up your swimmer for meets, view your swimmer’s times from previous meets, review your billing detail, update payment information, maintain your own contact information, and more. 


Payment Options:

Prime Aquatics offers both Annual (one payment) and Monthly Payment options. The Annual option offers a 10% discount off the monthly rate. The Monthly Payment option consists of 9 payments due on the 1st of each month, with the first payment due September 1st and the final monthly payment due May 1st.  Swimmers joining the team any time after October 1st will have their monthly dues pro-rated accordingly.  In addition to Program Fees, there is a $70 annual team registration fee per swimmer and $80 USA Swimming membership fee.  The team fee covers 3 team t-shirts, 1 silicone team cap and other adminsitrative expenses. The USA Swimming membership covers insurance. Additional fees such as meet entry fees are billed separately. It is the responsibility of each family to understand the meet fees for each particular meet prior to registering for that meet.


Pay Fees Online:

With the exception of the payment collected at the time of registration, which may be paid by check, all fees must be paid by ACH from a bank account or by credit card. There are no additional finance charges for payment made by ACH bank draft. For credit card charges, an additional processing fee of 6% will be added to the charges in order to offset the administrative fees assessed to our team. Program fees are billed on the 1st of each month. For those families who pay the initial payment by check at the time of registration, we require that you log into your account after registration and add a payment method (your bank account or credit card information) for future charges (meet fees, etc.). On the first of each month your total outstanding balance will either be deducted through a bank draft (ACH) or charged to your credit card.


Discounts Available:

Prime Aquatics understands the expense that youth sports entails. Accordingly, we offer the following family discounts: 10% discount on all program fees (excludes annual registration fee) for families with 2 registered swimmers, 20% discount for 3 or more swimmers.  The multi-swimmer discount does not apply to the Flex membership program.


Program Commitment:

Registered members are committed to on-time payment of the entire amount of their Annual payment or monthly installment payment plan, annual registration fees, meet and other fees accrued, along with satisfying the annual volunteer requirements. The Annual payment option will be offered on a prorated basis for new members joining the team before January 1.  After January 1, all memberships will be on the monthly payment plan, including pro-rated fees for June through August.


Prime Aquatics Annual Registration Fee:

Prime Aquatics Registration Fees consist of the following:

  1.  Prime Aquatics Team Registration=$70. 3 team t-shirts, a silicone team swim cap, and other administrative costs. This fee is non-refundable.
  2.  USA Swimming Registration (On September 1)= $80 (Gold, Junior, Senior). Each family is required to register each swimmer annually with USA Swimming. USA Swimming is the governing body of competitive aquatics in the United States. This organization provides our rules and regulations, officials, insurance in case of injury during swim team practice and during swim meets, swimmers’ times database, tips and training advice, the ability to enter USA Swimming-sanctioned events, and SPLASH Magazine. This fee is non-refundable.
  3.  USA Swimming Registration (On September 1)= $30 (Flex). This includes the same as the full registration with the limitation of only being able to compete in 2 meets annually. To participate in 3 or more, families will receive a notification from USA Swimming to upgrade their athlete to a full membership ($50 charge). 

All transfer or returning members must pay the Prime Aquatics Team Registration fee at the time of registration and register with USA Swimming if not already registered. 


Meet Fees:

Meet Fees consists of the following with all fees (excluding Coaches’ Fees) determined by the meet host:

  1. Facility fee (usually $12-15)
  2. LSC (Local Swim Club) fee (usually $3-10)
  3. Coaches Fee ($20-50)
  4. Fees for individual swimmer events (usually $2.50-$6.50 per event)
  5. Fees for relay events (usually $2.50-$5 per swimmer)


Coaches Fees:

Coaches’ travel and other expenses for on-deck coaching at swim meets is shared by the swimmers in attendance at those meets. Coaches’ Fees are determined by location, the number of days of the meet, and whether the meet requires overnight stay(s) for our coaches.  Taking these factors into account, the Coaches’ Fees vary by meet and are determined using the following criteria:

  1. Greater Knoxville area meet lasting 2 or fewer days requiring no overnight stay - $25 per swimmer
  2. Greater Knoxville area meet lasting 3 or more days requiring no overnight stay - $30 per swimmer
  3. Meet outside the greater Knoxville area requiring 1 overnight coaches’ stay - $35 per swimmer
  4. Meet outside the greater Knoxville area requiring 2 or more overnight coaches’ stays - $40 per swimmer
  5. Championship Meets (requires qualifying times) regardless of location - $55 per swimmer


Meet/Event Fees and Southeastern Swimming Surcharge:

The meet host typically charges fees for use of the facility individual swimmer entries (each individual race), and for their participation on relays (1/4 of total relay cost). This is done to offset the cost of running a meet and cover the Southeastern Swimming surcharge. These fees differ by meet and can be found in the meet invitation. In general, you will see the following fees in meet information supplied by the host: Individual swimmer entry fees typically range from $2.50-$6.50/event and relay fees average $5.00-$12.00 per team. These fees are finalized and paid by our team in advance of the entry deadline posted by the host club, therefore, these fees are non-refundable if a swimmer registers and then decides not to attend, even for illness or injury.


Fundraising Commitment:

Unlike most year-round swim teams, Prime Aquatics does not require families to fundraise. However, program fees do not cover all of the expenses of operating our own facility and offering excellent coaching.  In addition to keeping swimmer fees at a reasonable level, we are committed to developing a new facility for our program as well as area middle school and high school teams. Families are encouraged but not required to participate in the following fundraising opportunities.

Fundraising Option that has a direct benefit to you as well as the team:

  • Securing a business sponsorship: 20% of the total amount of the sponsorship will be credited to your individual account.  There is no limit on the number of sponsorships that a family may obtain.

Fundraising Options that directly benefit the team in order to pay team expenses and keep swimmer fees reasonably priced:

  1. Be involved on a committee, secure a business sponsorship, or volunteer on the actual race day for the Goggled Gobbler 5K race to be held at Green Meadow Country Club on Thanksgiving Day.  Funds raised will help us to pay facility costs for operating the structure at Green Meadow Country Club pool.
  2. Make or solicit a tax deductible donation to our non-profit 501(c)3 organization
  3. Link your Kroger card to Prime Aquatics, as we participate in Kroger Community Rewards Program
  4. Make purchases through AmazonSmile which will make a direct contribution of 0.5% of purchases toward our facility
  5. Purchase your swim merchandise through our team page on SwimOutlet.com.  8% of total purchases comes back to our team.

More information about all of our voluntary fundraising options can be found under the “Support & Giving” tab on our website.  We always welcome other fundraising ideas from our members, so please share!


Volunteer Commitment:

As a parent-run club, we rely on family service/volunteer hours to run the club. We ask that each family with a swimmer on the competitive team contribute a minimum of 1 service hour per quarter. This requirement can be satisfied by timing at meets, officiating, hosting age-group social parties, assisting with public relations and marketing activities or participating on a committee. Whether you are a veteran swim team family or new to the sport, there is a place for you!


Program Changes or Withdrawals:

The coaching staff may offer to move a swimmer to a different level program during the season based on a swimmer aging up into a new age group.  This process will be initiated by the coach in conjunction with the swimmer and parents. The swimmer will receive a two week trial in the new level program without any change to fees.  If the swimmer chooses to continue at the new level, a modification will be made to the registration agreement, adjusting the fees for the new level program. 

Annual payments will not be refunded or prorated unless the athlete is too injured or ill to train or the family moves out of the area in mid-season.


Delinquent Accounts:

Program fees are billed monthly and are due no later than the 5th day of the following month. Nonpayment of monthly dues for more than two months will be considered a suspension of membership and the right to swim will be withdrawn until payment is current. Payment is due in full no later than the 5th day of the month following receipt of the bill. Fees not paid by the 5th day of the following month will be subject to a $25.00 late fee. Any swimmer whose fees are more than two months overdue will not be allowed to participate in the program until the account balance is paid in full.