TNAQ Training Groups


Our training groups have been renamed and redefined this year, with the objectives of creating more optimal learning settings while making best use of our staff and facility resources. While the primary factor is age, there are some allowances for swimmers at both ends of the range for ability, needs, and coach discretion. Each group will have graduated training levels within it, which encourages a more fluid progression, motivation, educational energy and teamwork. 

Senior 1

The Senior 1 group is for our most advanced and committed athletes, with comprehensive training for higher level competition. Most of these swimmers are preparing for college swimming. This group has more training sessions per week, including refined technique, race pace swimming, strength work and cross-training modalities. 

Senior 2

This group is for making progress in senior level swimming via technique instruction, swim and dryland training. Senior 2 swimmers are generally 14-18 years of age. 


Our most advanced group for generally 11-14 years of age, these athletes are transitioning towards senior swimming. AG1/Pre-Senior emphasizes ongoing stroke refinement, understanding and valuing conditioning methods, and connecting goals to training and racing. 


This intermediate training group focuses on continuing stroke development and conditioning. Swimmers are introduced to competitive training and racing concepts. Swimmers in this group are generally 10-13 years of age.



This entry level competitive group will primarily focus on stroke instruction and achieving best times while having fun. Swimmers will be introduced to age group training and to USA Swimming competitions and rules. Swimmers are generally 6-10 years of age.



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