Chaperone Criteria

Thanks for your interest in being a chaperone on a TNAQ travel trip.  Listed below are a few things to consider before offering your time.  If you have questions please ask your coach.

  1. Be registered as non-athlete with USA Swimming - CLICK HERE 
  2. Submit to USA Swimming background check - CLICK HERE (Both reimbursable through TNAQ.  Current USA Officials registration satisfies this requirement.
  3. Be available to coaches/athletes for duration of trip, no side trips.
  4. A lot of driving may be required.
  5. Help establish a food plan before trip and daily.
  6. Very little down time, days start early and finish late.
  7. You may not be able to see every swim, including your own child.
  8. You are the parent for every athlete, not just your own.
  9. Your attitude helps establish mood for team.
  10. Be available for parent phone calls.  This includes info regarding allergies and medications.
  11. Be patient, plans change at last minute.
  12. Be prepared to share a room with another chaperone.
  13. Be prepared to work cooperatively with chaperone, no specific lead.
  14. Get to know all of the swimmers, not just your child’s best friends.
  15. Will need to keep within allotted budget and keep receipts.
  16. Must be willing to help any swimmers who get sick on the trip.
  17. Will be responsible for keeping the TNAQ first aid kit
  18. Your child must be attending the meet as a swimmer.