About The Panama City Swim Team (PCST)



The Panama City Swim Team is a year-round swimming program sanctioned through United States Swimming (USS), the national governing body for competitive swimming. The program has been in existence since 1954, first as the Panama City Swim Club, and later as the Panama City Swim Team (PCST).  PCST is a not for profit, parent run organization, that was founded with the mission of building and promoting youth swimming in Bay County, FL.  

The primary program run by PCST is the year-round competitive swim team.  The Year-round team is designed with long-term success in mind, focusing on teaching athletes fundamental swimming skills in a safe and fun environment.  Swimmers on the competitive team race in swimming competitions (meets) at the local, state, and national level.  In addition to the year-round competitive swim team, PCST also offers Swim Lessons for new swimmers, Masters workouts for adults seeking fitness swim, and a Pre-Compeitive program designed to teach and prepare young athletes foundational swimming skills, as well as introduce the intricacies of the sport

In the crowded world of youth sports and youth activities here in the Panama City area, swimming continues to stand out as a great opportunity for young athletes.  Our organizational outlook is for long term success as both an athlete and an individual.  Skills such as time management, goal setting, self-confidence, commitment, and team work go hand-in-hand with the technical swimming fundamentals taught everyday at our practices.

PCST has a diverse staff of coaches to provide for the needs of the swimmers at each stage of their development. The parents of our swimmers provide support for the program from organizing and conducting all local competitions, providing team incentive programs, socials and fundraising efforts to supporting coaches’ travel to meets, as well as purchasing any specific equipment needs that may arise. Because we are a parent run organization we strongly encourage parent participation and communication is encouraged and always welcome.