Junior and Senior 

The following contains information related to (dryland/yoga) training technique and sample workouts.  This is simply for informational and entertainment purposes and should not be considered as mandatory training with the Panama City Swim Team.  Anyone wishing to participate in anything shown in the video should do so with the understanding that you are taking personal liability for this activity.  The Panama City Swim Team, their agents, officers, representatives, and employees shall be free from any liability or claim from damages for any and all injuries or illnesses caused by this voluntary activity.  Additionally, such exercises should only be performed with adult supervision.

Thursday, March 26

Link to PDF with workout

See Tuesday, March 24 Workout for video on Dynamic Warm Up




Tuesday, March 24

Link to PDF with workout

Dynamic Warm Up Routine:

Link to PDF with Dynamic Warm Up Routine

Lower Body Lunge Circuit:

V-Core Circuit: