Competitive Team and Pre-Team Practices

Updated April 5

Swim Practice
After taking some time to evaluate our program as it relates to the governor’s executive order, we have decided to suspend all swim practices indefinitely.  We really felt like the spirit and intent of the order was geared toward allowing for personal fitness and recreation instead of group organized activity.  We will continue to follow all new developments and information and will let everyone know when we will return to the pool.  We are also looking at future adjustments to how we run practices based on what we saw at the pool last week. 

What We Will Be Doing Going Forward
Here are some things that we will be doing to keep the swimmers engaged over the next few weeks: 

  • We will continue to produce educational videos on yoga and dryland techniques as well as send out fun activities for the swimmers to do.  Make sure to check your e-mails or look on the website for these workouts.
  • We will be hosting several Zoom online meetings for the training groups starting later this week or early next week.  These meetings will be good for the kids to interact with each other and the coaches.  Additionally, we can go over lots of instructional material and we will have fun “assignments” for the kids to do.  Once we finalize the details, we will e-mail everyone to obtain parental consent and distribute the schedule of meetings.  FYI, multiple adults will be on each online meeting and parents are welcome to attend with their child. 
  • The pool at Frank Brown Park will remain open to the public for the time being.  If any of you choose to swim on your own at FBP or in your pool at home and are looking for suggestions on things you can do during your swim please e-mail me.
  • I am looking into possibly doing some Zoom meetings with parents where I can answer FAQ’s, give updates, etc…  I will send this info to everyone soon.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience and understanding through this ordeal.  Hopefully this will only last a little while longer and we can get back to normalcy as soon as possible. 

Brian Haddad

Updated April 2

PCST Update April 2, 2020 

I wanted to give a quick update on everything after the governor’s executive order yesterday. 

  1. Based on the wording in the executive order, there are several “essential activities” that are allowed during the next 30 days.  Swimming is specifically listed alongside other recreational items such as biking, hiking, running, etc… 
  2. At this point, it appears that the pool at Frank Brown Park will stay open for lap swimming.  Of course, everything could change in a moment’s notice as we have seen the last few weeks. 
  3. The executive order becomes active at midnight tonight. 

We have decided that we will NOT hold any PCST practices on Friday April 3 or Saturday April 4 while we take the time to assess the full measure and spirit of the executive order as it pertains to individual recreation versus group organized activity.  We will also continue to evaluate our group schedule and practice plan so that it meets with any new guidelines and mandates.  I will send an update this weekend on whether we will return to the pool starting Monday April 6 and what, if any changes there may be to the schedule. 

FYI, if the pool continues to remain open for lap swim, you are welcome to do that on your own provided you pay Frank Brown Park’s daily swim fees and adhere to all of their participant limit rules. 

Thanks for your continued patience and understanding,
Brian Haddad

Updated April 1

PCST Update #2 April 1 

Well today certainly has been interesting.  I wanted to let everyone know that we will be holding practices as scheduled tomorrow, Thursday April 2 at Frank Brown Park.  There is a lot of information I need to go through before making any determinations regarding practices from Friday forward.  FYI, I do have the text of the executive order as it pertains to essential activities.  I will send another update as soon as I can tomorrow to answer questions about what we will do going forward. 

Brian Haddad


PCST Update #1 April 1

As many of you are now hearing, the Governor has issued a Shelter in Place order to go into effect Thursday at Midnight.  Here is what we know so far related to PCST practices: 

  • We will have practice Today, Wed April 1 for Age Group 1 and Age Group 2 as originally planned 
  • We DO NOT YET KNOW what the pool plans to do for tomorrow or beyond.  Brian will send that out once he has heard 
  • We are putting together resources for swimmers and families for at home workouts.  Check the PCST Website and the PCST Facebook page for more on that  
  • Brian will send out an additional update once he returns home and has some more solid Information from Frank Brown 

Thanks for your understanding 

PCST Staff

Updated Tuesday, March 24 

Just a few quick items here today: 

1) PCST Sponsor Margaritaville is open from 11-6 each day for take out.  They will be offering 20% off for all call-in orders.  To place your order, please call (850) 235-7870.  You can view their menu at the following link:  Please support them and other local businesses if you are able. 

2) Invoices will go out later today.  Many of you will receive an invoice that simply shows a zero balance since we are not billing April monthly training fees.  As stated in Sunday's e-mail, any outstanding meet fees, team store charges, or previous balances will be on this invoice.  As always, please send me any questions you may have at   

3) We will begin sending and posting some videos with sample workouts and ideas to stay in shape out later today or tomorrow.  Any swimmer attempting to perform any workout (whether from PCST or any other source) should only do so with adult supervision.  I need to emphasize that any videos showing yoga or dryland routines are 100% optional and should not be considered mandatory team workouts.  We will have a disclaimer on anything we send.  USA Swimming has informed its member clubs that our insurance will not cover any video activities where there is not line of sight coaching from a member coach in good standing. 


Updated Monday, March 23


Regarding this topic, some things have been planned and some things remain a little unsure as government mandates continue to change.  Here is the best information I have regarding plans for the athletes over the next several weeks.:
The current scenario is that we will not practice in a pool through March 29.  Mosley High School Pool is unavailable until at least April 16.  Gulf Coast State College Pool is unavailable until at least March 30, but I very much expect that to continue through at least the month of April.  Frank Brown Park should be available starting March 30, however that may be pushed back depending on new mandates.  For purposes of a pool schedule plan, what we have developed would be utilizing only Frank Brown Park as it is the most likely to be available.  If other pools become available, we will adjust this schedule accordingly. 
Adjusted Practice Schedule (all practices below at Frank Brown Park)
will not begin before March 30, we will send updates when we have a firm start date 
Senior Group (Brian’s Group) – Tuesday & Thursday 10:30am-1:00pm / Saturday 7:00-9:00am
High School Group (Steve’s Group) – Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:30am-1:00pm
Junior Group - Tuesday & Thursday 4:00-6:30pm / Saturday 9:30-11:30am
Age Group 2 - Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:00-6:30pm
Age Group 1 - Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:30-4:30pm
Masters – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12:00-1:00pm / Saturday 7:00-8:00am
Pre-Team – We do not currently have any Pre-Team scheduled for this time.  Due to the way I will have to spread the kids out across the pool and the fact that Pre-Team is a little more hands on than the older groups, I felt that it would be better to wait on returning this group to practice. 

Again, I will send out exactly when this schedule will begin once we get the final go ahead.  It will continue until other options become available.  We will also be sending out videos that people can view during times not at the pool.  
Please read through all of the information below on how we will need to operate with social distancing guidelines. 
In order to comply with all mandates and recommendations for the safety of our athletes and to limit numbers of people allowed into Frank Brown Park, we will enact the following measures for practices during the adjusted schedule: 
  • Only swimmers will be allowed inside the gates of the pool at Frank Brown Park.  Parents and siblings may watch from outside the gate or fence and may utilize all other areas of the park that are open to the public.  Please avoid congregating in groups as per guidelines.  Restrooms are available near the basketball courts. 
  • During practice, swimmers will be separated into only two swimmers per lane, starting from opposite ends.  This means that at any time all swimmers will be separated by at least 7-8 feet or 25 yards.  This separation coupled with being in a chlorinated pool easily meets all recommended guidelines for distancing.  Swimmers will not be grouped together in a confined space at any time. 
  • Swimmers will need to put on their suits and change out of their suits at home.  There will be no changing in the locker room or on the deck allowed. 
  • Swimmers will only use the locker room facilities to use the restroom and only one at a time. 
  • Swimmers may utilize the outdoor shower if they wish, but not the ones in the locker room. 
Again, I thank you for your understanding and your patience through this difficult time.  As always, if you have any questions, please send them to me at  I will continue to send updates as new information becomes available.