COVID 19: Financial Matters
Updated Monday, March 23. 2020
Let me start by saying that we understand it is a trying time for many of you.  Additionally, we have no idea what the next few days and weeks may look like as new decisions are made at the local, state, and national level.  
We have decided not to charge any monthly training fees for any PCST groups for the month of April.  
This applies even if we are able to swim from March 30 through the end of the month.  Invoices will be sent out this week for any outstanding balances, swim meet fees, or team store charges.  Those invoices will be drafted April 1.  As always, if there is a question regarding your invoice, please let us know. 
To address the short term cash flow situation, the Board of Directors and myself have come up with an option for our members.  We will be offering a program where you may pay for monthly training fees for the remainder of the year at a discount.  Basically, there are nine months left in the year.  This program would have you pay for seven months.  This factors in not having training fees for April and gives a discount of one additional month.  If you choose this special rate it would be payable in full by April 15. 
Here is the breakdown of the program by training group:
Senior & High School Groups - $875.00 (saves $125.00)
Junior Group - $770.00 (saves $110.00)
Age Group 2 - $693.00 (saves $99.00)
Age Group 1 - $616.00 (saves $88.00)
Masters - $315.00 (saves $45.00)
Pre-Team is not included in this program as this group’s schedule is a little more unsure through April (details in the upcoming practice schedule section).

NOTE #1 – This will also cover you fully for the year if your child advances to a new training group
NOTE #2 – This is only for Monthly training fees and does not cover meet fees, annual registration, etc… 

If you have any additional questions regarding this program or any financial matters, please e-mail me at