PCST Team Billing and Payment Information

Administration of PCST is done via a web based team management system called Team Unify. This system was developed specifically for swim teams by an individual that was frustrated with all the inefficiencies that are required to administer and run a swim team. Team Unify utilizes a central database for all family account information and completely automates the payment process. 

When you sign up for PCST, your initial payment will be made online using a credit card.  You will then be given an account (username & password) through email for Team Unify that you can use to log into your account.  If you would prefer that your monthly dues be taken out of your checking account through ACH debit, or a different credit card, you will be able to change that payment method once logged into your account. 

You must be enrolled in an automatic payment method, meaning either ACH or credit card
The system automatically saves the credit card used during registration and sets that card by default to be the automatic payment method.  This can be changed to a different credit card or ACH in your account settings.



When Do We Pay Each Month? 
Monthly swim fees transactions occur on the 1st of every month. PCST does reserve the ability to debit your account at any time for other purchases such as team store items, team travel trip payments, etc. 


What If We Decide To Suspend Our Membership? 

If you decide to leave the team for any reason, it is YOUR responsibility to send a written notice to the team biller by using the "contact us" section of the website, or emailing our Program Director, Phillip Wood at [email protected]  If you decide to return to the team at a future date, there will be a $25.00 re-registration fee.

Note: Please be sure this email arrives by the 25th of the month to avoid being debited the following month. Any notices received after the 25th will result in your account still being debited for the next month and there are NO refunds.


USA Swimming Annual Insurance Fee 

Every swimmer is required to become a member of USA SwimmingUSA Swimming is our governing body and membership includes insurance for your swimmer at practice and USA Swimming sanctioned events. This is an annual membership and is required to be renewed between September and December of each year.  The current cost is $80.00 per swimmer (as of January 1, 2022).  Your swimmer may not be registered with PCST for the following season until your USA Swimming Registration is verified.


Initial Registration Fee To Join:  $100.00

What Is Included In The Initial Registration Fee of $100?  The $100.00 covers the 1st month of  PCST training dues as well as 2 PCST T-Shirts, and a PCST Swim Cap.  

You must have an evaluation on record with PCST before registering.  Visit the "Competitive Team Registration" page for more information about the evaluaiton process. After your family has been given authorization to register, navigate to the PCST Home page and select the "Year-Round Registration Portal" to begin the electronic registration process. During this process you will create your family account and set up your automatic billing transactions, and register your swimmer with their new training group. On the 1st day of your 2nd month on the team, your ACH account or credit card will be debited for the monthly training dues and will continue in effect until such time as you notify us in writing of your desire to leave the team.


Re-Registration Fee for Former PCST Swimmers:  $25.00 (if you have been off roster for one full month)


Monthly Group Training Fees (Effective January 1. 2021):

Swim Group Fee/Month
Age Group 1 $90
Age Group 2 $100
Junior Group $125
Senior Group $150