PCST Inclement Weather Policy
As many of you know, the weather in Florida can go from clear to severe and back again in a very short span.  When it comes to practices, we do our best to have our scheduled practice even if inclement weather is predicted. 
All of the facilities used by PCST have policies and guidelines as to pool use during inclement weather and we yield to the pool staff as to when we need to exit the pool and when we are allowed back in. 
Due to the unpredictable nature of storms, we try to make practice cancellation decisions based upon the information available on hand at the site in collaboration with pool staff.
If the threat of inclement weather is so severe or so prolonged (i.e. Hurricane, hard freezes, etc.) we will communicate to our membership via E-mail that practices are canceled ahead of time. 
If the threat of inclement weather is sudden or short in duration (i.e. lightning, scattered storms, pop-up showers, etc.)  we will make the decision on site and announce to any members who are present.  If the decision affects future practices that day, an email will be sent to the membership.
We take the safety of our members very seriously and will not put any members in jeopardy during inclement weather.  A member of the PCST staff will stay on location until every swimmer has been safely picked up by their parent/guardian in the event of a practice cancellation.
If you are unsure as to whether practice has been canceled or not, check your email first.  If there is no email sent prior to scheduled practice time it is safe to assume that practice has not been canceled.  We may modified workouts to incorporate dryland or other activities under cover while waiting for the weather threat to pass. 
As always, the final decision whether to attend practice or not rests with your family.  We encourage you to make that choice based on your interpretation of the situation and your family's level of comfort with with both the commute to the practice facility as well as at the practice facility.
Please note: the pool staff puts out weather notices as they relate to the general public, not to PCST.  They may announce the facility is closed to the public but will work with PCST if there is a possibility to have practices.