PCST Pre-Team Billing and Payment Information

Administration of PCST Pre-Team is done via a web based team management system called Team Unify. This system was developed specifically for swim teams by an individual that was frustrated with all the inefficiencies that are required to administer and run a swim team. Team Unify utilizes a central database for all family account information and completely automates the payment process. 

When you sign up for PCST Pre-Team, your initial payment will be made online using a credit card.  You will then be given an account (username & password) through email for Team Unify that you can use to log into your account. 

When Do We Pay? 

The $185.00 Pre-Team Program Fee is due at the beginning of each session and is paid in full up front, not monthly. 

Breakdown of Pre-Team Fees:
  • Registration Fee: There is a $185.00 total registration fee for each session of the Pre-Team Program
  • Meet Fees: There are NO Meet Fees for the Pre-Team.  Pre-Team members will be able to participate in "Fun Meets" for free if scheduling meets allow.  Please note, Pre-Team members will not be able to participate in any of the USA Swimming Sanctioned meets that the Competitive Team participates in.