Visiting Swimmers

In town on vacation? Here on an extended TDY? Or visiting friends or relatives?   

Starting January 1, 2021 any visiting swimmer wishing to join in PCST practices (Club, Masters, etc.) should follow the steps below:

  • Be a registered member of USA Swimming or US Masters Swimming (USMS) 
  • Contact Head Coach Phillip Wood for practice schedules and most appropriate practice groups ([email protected])
  • Pay a drop-in fee to PCST.  Fee shall be either $10.00 for one practice or $20.00 for unlimited practices for a week.  This fee covers coaching and guarantees access to Frank Brown Park pool during PCST practice only.  Fee may be either cash or check, checks made out to Panama City Swim Team.  Please give the fee to either Head Coach Phillip Wood or to the lead coach of the group in which you are practicing.