PCST Lessons will increase your child’s comfort level and safety in the water, as well as begin teaching them the fundamental strokes needed to join a swim team.  Our instructors will be in the water with athletes helping to teach and guide them as they learn to be comfortable and proficient in the water.   PCST Lessons are offered each spring, summer, and fall. Lesson days, times, and frequency may vary by season and session.

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Mosley High School Pool 

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PCST Lessons are most appropriate for younger swimmers.  Our minimum age accpeted in 3, with our maximum age being 12.  We may allow older swimmers on a case by case basis, however, we will not accept swimmers who are younger than 3.  We do not offer adult swim lessons at this time. 
Families will select ONE of the day/time combinations from below for the entirety of their Session.  Class availability will be noted next to each class option when you navigate to the Registration Page at the link below.  

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We use online registration for PCST Swim Lessons.  When registering you will be able to select your class time​ based on availability.  Class spots are filled on a first come first serve basis


Q: When do you offer PCST Lessons?
A: We offer PCST Lessons in the spring, summer, and fall.  Dates, class times, and registration info is listed on the lessons page when available.

Q: How many lessons are offered each session?
A:  When you register for PCST Lessons you have signed up for 5-8 available classes.  These classes meet either twice a week for four weeks or once a week for six to eight weeks, based on seasons.

Q: Is the pool heated?
A:  Yes, the pool is heated during colder months and cooled during warmer months keeping the water temperature comfortable each season.

Q: Can I bring my child to any days or times offered?
A: No, when you register for PCST Lessons you are selecting the days and time you will be attending.  Due to limited class sizes and instructor to swimmer ratios we can not let swimmers attend days or times they are not registered for.

Q:  My schedule unexpectedly changed; can my child come to a different class?
A:  We understand that schedule conflicts can occur without notice.  While we can not offer class changes for an absence, if your schedule is permanently changing we will do our best to reschedule you to a new class time for the remainder of the session based on remaining class openings.

 Q: What happens if it rains?
A: If you are a Florida resident, you know that it can be sunny one minute, and raining the next. Although we experience inconsistent showers, we suggest bringing your child to practice regardless.  We have found that often it may be storming at your house, but not at the pool.  We will NOT get in the pool during thunderstorms, heavy rain, or lightning.  If weather prevents a class we will attempt to offer a "Make-up day" for swimmers who attend the canceled practice, however we will not offer multiple Make-up days for each weather incident and will NOT offer Make-up days for absences.  For more infomation about the PCST Inclement Weather Policy, please click HERE

Q: What should I bring to practice?
A: Your swim suit, goggles, and a towel! Both boys and girls swim suits should be form fitting. Goggles are not required, but HIGHLY recommended. All swimming is done in the water...not wearing goggles will be detrimental to your eyes as well as being very distracting when learning the proper technique.
Q: Where is the pool on the Mosley High School Campus?
A: Use the graphic below to help locate the pool on the campus